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This mod replaces the Trade Federation color scheme we recieved for the AAT, MTT, Vulture Droid, and Landing Craft, with the blue and grey paintjobs seen used during the Clone Wars conflict.

Permissions and credits
Modified Vehicles:



- Vulture Droid

- Landing Craft

Also includes:

- Re-textured first person cockpit for the MTT.

- Updated reinforcement portraits to match the reskins.

V2 Update Details:

This update contains many changes and improvements since V1 of the mod, here is a list of all of them:

New Features:
- Works with the recent progression patch update
- Now includes custom star cards
- Reinforcement icons have been redesigned from the ground up and overall look much better.

Changes to all textures:
- Darkened grey base coloring/different hue of blue
- Added paint chips/extra details

- Adjusted color patterns to more closely resemble its appearance in TCW

- Redesigned 1st person cockpit texture

Vulture Droid:
- The base grey color has been darkened significantly, and the blue paint has been made into a slightly more purple hue
- Complete rework of blue paint patterns on the wings, body, underbelly, as well as the wings to more closely match its appearance in EP3
- The Separatist symbols on the body of the droid are now more defined

C-9979 Landing Craft:
- Added dark grey edging along side the wings of the craft, to more closely resemble its appearance in TCW