Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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Bringing you the neglected hero

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*****Updated for latest Patch*****Online Compatible*****

Updated Details 09/01/2021
- New custom outfit designed by myself. I wanted it to be inspired by Padmé's purple evening outfit from the clone wars and Leia's A New Hope dress but still appropriate looking enough for combat.
- New outfit replaces the last of Lando's skins.
- The white Geonosis outfit and cape have been completely redone. I was unhappy with the original so I decide to remake it.
- New face for Padmé. Currently is not rigged.
- Replaced all of Lando's star card pictures.
- New voice lines added that will have some interaction with other characters. These voice lines were kindly provided by Zenger.

Senator Amidala has been spotted on the battlefront

Despite being a main hero in the Star Wars saga, leading the attack against the Trade Federation and liberating her home planet, playing a pivotal role in the galactic senate and Clone wars, becoming wife of Anakin Skywalker, mother of Luke and Leia who eventually bring balance to the force, Padmé Amidala has remained a forgotten hero - Until today. Overwriting all but Lando's administration outfit.

She arrives with her white Geonosis outfit, a caped variation, a realistic interpretation of her Clone Wars outfit, her Handmaiden battle outfit from episode I and a custom Senatorial outfit. Not to mention her trusty Naboo Blaster pistol.

Lando Replacement:
- Lando's Administrator remains unchanged (for the moment).
- General has changed to Geonosis.
- Skiff has changed to Clone Wars.
- Young Lando 1 replaced with the Queens Handmaiden outfit
- Young Lando 2 has been changed to Geonosis with cape.
- Lando's pistol changed for Naboo Blaster.
- Comes with Custom Hero Icon and name changes to feel more official.
- Padmé's Voice lines from the Clone Wars show, intro and outro music and blaster pistol sound effects have been added
- Star cards now have Padme images
- Height reduced to appear shorter and more authentic to Natalie Portman's stature.
- There is an optional download for the text to have all of Lando's texts changed to Padmé's

This mod is compatible with my Leia overhauled mod:

- No matter which option, sometimes a body part may go missing if your alternating between skins. Just select a vanilla skin or the Clone Wars appearance, then select your preferred one of choice again. Currently this cannot be fixed.
- I have been told that if you load this after a frontend mod in the modmanager, you game will crash. List this
mod before any frontend mod. Thanks for the pick up, -ChaseRiver-!