Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

About this mod

Enhances the bloom, lighting and color correction of every map of the game. Slypear hasn't updated his mod for a while, so I made my own version !

Permissions and credits
Enhances the bloom, lighting and color correction of every map of the game. Sly's hasn't updated his mod for a while, so I made my own version !

Of course it won't look the same as Sly's.

Give me feedback, negative or positive. Tell me what I could improve to make this mod better !


Thanks to NotEzeckiel for telling me to make the mod, and to Rupture13 and Bryce for finding the mod name.

Better with Bryce's Filmic Firefights and Vivid-Sabers

Ajan Kloss - This map was too yellowish. I made it more saturated, less yellow-looking and increased its contrast. I also made the green lightsaber green - and not white.

Takodana (sunny) - Just like Sly did, I took inspiration from The Force Awakens. This map now has a cold palette, low saturation and closer fog. The map has also been made darker.

Takodana (dawn) - I made the map look more yellow than purple, tweaked the fog values and increased a bit the saturation.

Jakku (sunny) - this map is way overexposed in vanilla. I fixed that, made the shadows less purple and made the sun a bit warmer. The map now looks overall more brown.

Jakku (sunset) : I took heavy inspiration from the Slypear version for this one. I changed the exposure which was way too high, decreased the red tones and the contrast, giving the map a softer look.

Yavin IV (sunny) : this map had a high contrast, was overexposed and was yellow/purple tinted. I made the map more saturated, less contrasted and gave the lighting a more white color.

Yavin IV (sunset) : I made the map less contrasted and gave it a soft orange/yellow lighting instead of a orange/red lighting.

Tatooine (sunny) : deserts don't look like that. I gave it a much more white/yellow look compared to the yellow look of the vanilla version. I also increased a bit the saturation.

Tatooine (sunset) : I made the lighting more pink, giving a soft look to the map.

Tatooine (night) : I loved how Sly's mod changed this map. I aimed to replicate it ; reducing the moonlight intensity, causing most of the lighting to come from the artificial light sources. I also decreased the blue tones of this map.
Scarif (sunny) : I hate the vanilla look of this map. I didn't even feel accurate to me. For the main mod, I made Scarif sunnier, increasing the saturation, contrast, and making the sun light warmer. I added the Death Star on the sky, just like in Rogue One.
Scarif (sunset) : I also hate this one. It looks way too colorful and contrasted, so I fixed that, removed the lens flares and neutralized a lot of the red tones.

Hoth (sunny) : I reduced the contrasts and decreased the intensity of the sun to make the atmosphere softer.

Hoth (sunset) : I made the same changes as the sunny version, and I changed the color of the sun to make the lighting more yellow.

Death Star II : I decreased the saturation and neutralized the purple tones.

Geonosis (CS and GA) : the maps look very yellow in vanilla. These were some of the hardest to edit ; I gave it a way more red look, giving it an unwelcoming atmosphere. (especially the CS map.)

Naboo (sunny) : I already love the vanilla version of this one. I just increased a bit the red tones so it looks a bit warmer, and decreased the contrast.

Naboo (sunset) : the default map looks too yellow and too brown. I increased the saturation, lowered the intensity of the sun light and made it redder.

Naboo (night) : most of the job here was to increase the bloom, make the image darker and to increase the contrast.

Naboo (CS) : i think we all agree about the fact that the default version looks terrible. I removed the ugly purple filter and increased the saturation to make it look decent.

Kamino : i strongly decreased the saturation of this map, neutralized a lot of the blue tones, and made it darker to match Attack of the Clones' look.

Kashyyyk (overcast) : Just like Slypear did, I tried to give this map an overcast look by desaturating it, increasing the contrast and heavily editing the color correction.. I also changed the sunlight intensity and color.

Kashyyyk (night) : I neutralized most of the blue tones and desaturated it.

Felucia : I gave this map a greener look and removed the blinding lens flares, as well as making the sun higher. I copied the lights coming from the plants from my night Felucia mod.

Starkiller Base : I made the interior darker and a bitless blue. For the exterior, I gave it a colder look by making the color correction and the sunlight more blue.

Bespin : I really like the default look of this map. I just slightly desaturated the map, made the interior darker and neutralized some of the pink tints to make the exterior more orange.

Endor (sunny) : I removed the yellow tones, resaturated the map and made the green lightsabers actually green.

Endor (foggy) : I made Foggy Endor greener and darker, compared to the bright and blue default version.

Endor (night) : this map was a tough one. I'm finally happy with how it looks by making it more silver looking and a bit greener.

Venator/Dreadnought : I desaturated these maps and neutralized most of the purple tones, aswell as making the fog further away.

Fondor : I gave the map a way more natural look, whith a white and bright lighting.

Endor (space) : following Slypear's philosophy, I made the sun way more blue, as seen in Return of the Jedi.


· Death Star ; Dreadnought ; Venator : made the color correction more gray and tweaked the contrast
· Scarif (daytime) : made the sunflare less blinding and the color correction sunnier and more saturated
· Frontend : shouldn't look greenish anymore
· Takodana : reduced the contrast, changed the sun color to be more red, tweaked the fog
· Tatooine (daytime) : reduced the saturation of the sky
· Jabba's palace : increased the saturation and the contrast, reduced the fog intensity
· Kamino : slightly changed the color correction

· Added a new addon removing the blue tint in the First Order capital ship.


I know. I said 2.2 would be the last one.

· Ajan Kloss : made the map look warmer ; decreased the sun strength ; fixed the bloom and the exposure in the caves.
· Yavin IV : increased the contrast ; smoothed the transition between the interior and the exterior.
· Geonosis (CS) : neutralized the purple tones ; made the lighting a bit greener.
· Hoth : completely changed the color correction, giving it a softer and more natural look.
· Jakku (daytime) : made the lighting less sharp ; decreased bloom ; neutralized the purple tones ; fixed the exposure, so the player can see where he is going.
· Scarif (daytime) : made the map sunnier ; increased the sun intensity ; reduced the contrast.
· Naboo (GA Dusk, CS Dusk) : desaturated a bit the lighting, tweaked the exposure.
· Naboo (Dusk interior) : tweaked the exposure ; reduced the contrast.
· Endor (foggy) : adjusted the exposure to be a bit less dark.
· Spawnscreen : the custom lighting values will no longer affect the lighting in the spawnscreen.

· Fixed a bug for the low bloom version that made the game crash on HvV Crait.
· Reduced the file size by 50%.
· Changed the logo.


· This is the last update for this mod (unless some bugs are discovered) since my vision for this mod is complete (lol) and since next year I will focus more on my studies.
Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and who supported this mod. I really appreciate it.
I was happy to see that it was used in some people's captures, which was one of the reasons I made this mod. Thank you for using it.
· Frontend : tweaked the contrast.
· Scarif : Improved the Death Star model.
Sunny : increased the contrast and the saturation decreased the blue tones.
Sunset : decreased the saturation and increased the contrast.
· Tatooine : increased saturation of the sunny version, slightly decreased the bloom at night.
· Jakku (sunset) : took heavy inspiration from Sly's. Tweaked the light adaptation, decreased the red tones and increased the blue and green tones. I also reduced the contrast and the strength of the sun.
· Jakku (sunny) : made the map overall slightly more blue, decreased sun strength, reduced the bloom and contrast.
· Yavin : completely changed the color correction. The map is now more saturated and contrasted.
· Kashyyyk : fixed a bug in CS causing big pictures to appear on the map, fixed glowing footsteps at night by removing the footprints on the GA map. (DICE issue)
· Endor (foggy) : made the map less bright, more green and decreased the intensity of the rim light.
· Endor (night) : neutralized a lot of blue tones and decreased the saturation. The bloom is less intense now.
· Naboo (dusk) : made the sunlight less purple, slightly decreased green bloom.
· Naboo (dusk interior) : increased contrast and saturation.
· Naboo (sunny interior) : decreased saturation.
· Takodana : made the fog further away.
· Hoth : changed the color correction to be a bit more red at day time and made the interior less contrasted.
· Venator/Dreadnought : made the fog further away, decreased bloom scale.
· Kamino : made the map a bit brighter.
· Crait (sunset) : made the fog further away, increased the amount of snowflakes as seen in TLJ, decreased the saturation and the sun strength.
· Death Star : desaturated the map.
· Kessel : fixed the fog transition between the interior/exterior.
· Two new addons were added : Movie accurate Scarif and Overcast Felucia. You can use them as standalones mods.
· One of the biggest complaints about this mod has always been the high bloom. That's why a new low bloom version has been added.


· Changed the main image from the mod page.

· Ajan Kloss : changed the color correction, the sun strength and its color to make it more accurate to the movie.
· Scarif : added the Death Star in the sky for both sunny and sunset versions.
· Endor : made foggy version a bit darker, changed sunny version sun strength and added more contrast.
· Felucia : made the map a bit greener and a bit more contrasted.
· Geonosis (CS) : change the fog color to be more red.
· Kashyyyk : tweaked light adaptation, reduced bloom on the night version.
· Hoth : decreased bloom on sunset and made the map a bit darker and less blinding.
· Jabbba's palace : reduced bloom.
· Tatooine : made sunset a bit less bright, made skybox a bit darker at night, make the Cantina brighter (should be easier to see when you are on the top of the building), decreased bloom and changed its color. 
· Endor : increased contrast a bit.
· Yavin 4 : made the map slightly darker

· Removed the footsteps on Tatooine. That means you will no longer see big squares on the sand with the night version of the map.


· Fixed for the Scarif update
· Scarif : made the sunny version more "sunny" by increasing contrast and saturation, and by changing its color correction. Made the sunset version less colorful and less contrasted; also removed the blinding sun flares.
· Ajan Kloss : increased saturation and brightness indoors
· Hoth : reduced the amount of snowflakes, made the sun warmer on the sunny version
· Yavin : made color correction less purple
· · Kamino :  made outside more blue, turned down brightness indoors and up outside
· Endor : made indoors more bright, decreased saturation of the night version.
· Geonosis (CS) : increased contrast
· Made the First Order ship less saturated
· Jakku : removed the purple tint
· Starkiller Base : made the sun and the color correction more blue
· Felucia : made plants more glowy.


· Kessel : removed sun flares, so the sun is not blinding (especially in coop)
· Yavin IV : reduced sun strenght and contrast. It should be easier to aim in the temple, where the light adaptation blinded you. Give me feedback about it.
· Takodana : fixed fog bug
· Naboo (interior) : increased contrast, changed color correction
· Jakku : reduced contrast for the sunny version
· Hoth (sunny version) : replaced the skybox by the BF2015 skybox (thanks to JonnieLP who provided me the skybox)
· Jabba's palace : reduced outdoor's exposure compensation (making it less bright)

This is an experimental update, so I introduced two major changes (and one I want to discuss).

· Geonosis (CS version) : copied the GA color correction into the CS version
· Endor (night) : I've noticed the bug will be harder to fix than I was expected, because several maps share the same color correction asset. So I tried to change sun and sunrays color to be less blue.
· Hoth : this is a tough one. For this version I've tried to change sun's color a bit and the brightness adaptation.
I don't know if I should keep these changes for the Scarif update. Please answer the poll so I know if I should.
Added two new addons. Since Kashyyyk and Takodana have pretty heavy color correction, you can revert them by placing them under the main mod. Answer the poll if you want me to do some edits on these maps.

Planned for the Scarif update :

· Fix Endor interiors fog bug
· Change foggy Endor color correction if possible
· Maybe make Felucia's plants more glowy, similar to my night Felucia mod.

Known bug : on the night version of Tatooine, footsteps glow. I've spent a good amont on time trying to fix it, until I realized it also happens on the night version of Kashyyyk. This is a vanilla issue, so I don't think it's fixeable.

Poll link :


· Takodana : more green, tweaked shadows brightness, fixed fog bug
· Ajan Kloss : made the sun warmer, brightened up interiors
· Geonosis : removed lens flares
· Naboo (CS) : reduced bloom
· Kamino : make exterior brighter 
· Kashyyyk : reduce sun brightness 
· Felucia : made sun higher, removed lens flares
· Jabbas palace : reduced bloom a bit 
· Kessel : brightened up a bit interiors and reduce its bloom 
· Tatooine : reduced sunset's sun strenght; made sky more blue for sunny version, made night map darker; tweaked interior's brightness 
· Endor : made sunny version a bit more saturated, made foggy's tint version greener 
· Hoth : tweaked contrast and sun color for the sunset version 
· Jakku : reduced contrast for the sunny version 
· Crait : reduced bloom and brighten up interior 
· Starkiller Base : brightened up a bit indoors 
· Endor (space map) : changed sun color 

Added a new lens flares addon.