Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Adds fancy spawn screens

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But derwangler, DICE removed the holograms!

Known issues:
- Geonosis (Capital Supremacy) only looks nice on the first phase
- Camera sometimes behaves incorrectly when inspecting/rotating
- Depth of field effect will frequently remain active on the squad spectator views

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far:
Cinematic Captures

Please report any bugs, issues, or any other weird stuff

Changelog for v1.15
- Mod now requires Frosty 1.0.5 or later
- Support for latest game version
- Added proper camera to Geonosis (both versions)

Changelog for v1.14
- Support for the latest game version
- Sprite DOF now always on (no initfs_Win32 required)

Changelog for v1.13
- Added a check to disable the depth of field effect on the squad spawn screen

Changelog for v1.12
- Support for latest game version

Changelog for v1.11
- Support for latest game version
- Support for Kessel

Changelog for v1.10
- Removed frontend changes, added support for latest game version
- Added spawn screen on Jabba's Palace
- Lighting adjustments on spawn screen
- Added character sounds to the spawn screen

Changelog for v1.9
- Fill light toggle added to collection and customization screens in the frontend (also bound to tab for keyboard, back for controller)
- New lighting on the frontend (second pass)
- Adjustments to the spawn screen UI (ongoing)
- Minor EOR screen adjustments

Changelog for v1.8:
- Hide UI button on spawn screen no longer prioritized

Changelog for v1.7:
- New lighting on the frontend (first pass)
- New in-world spawn screens (experimental)
- UI toggle in spawn screens

Changelog for v1.6:
- Fixed lighting issue on the frontend
- Adjusted character preview height offset

Changelog for v1.5:
- Support for Update 2.0

Changelog for v1.4:
- Support for GalaxyMan2015's character rotation mod (put this one lower in the order)

Changelog for v1.3:
- MVP screen holograms disabled

Changelog for v1.2:
- Minor lighting adjustments, vfx adjustments on the spawn screen
- Camera on spawn screens adjusted (hopefully i got them all now)

Changelog for v1.1:
- Removed projector base from the frontend and lowered characters to ground level
- Removed 'hologram' audio effects from emotes
- Lighting and camera adjustments on the frontend

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