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Unofficial reupload of battlefield 1 mod. I do not claim or own this mod, just found this on my disk and decided to upload it.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The Great War has started. This mod features models, uniforms, hats and helmets from Battlefield 1. This mod also features some music and ui changes from Battlefield 1.

Permissions and credits
Make sure you load this mod into the alpha version (Alpha 5) of the Frosty Mod Manager!!!!!


Changes the Original Trilogy Era into Battlefield 1 or WW1 era helmets, hats and uniforms!

The Rebel Alliance are changed to the Entente Powers or as known as the Allied Powers!
Changes the Rebel ground troops and the Rocket trooper to have WW1 uniforms and they change on different planets

The Galactic Empire are changed to the Central Powers!
Changes the Empire ground troops and some of the special classes to have WW1
uniforms and they change on different planets as well!
Changes Iden Versio to be a German Infiltrator 

I also changed the loading screens and added some Battlefield 1 music to
the menus and loading screens to the Original Trilogy planets!

Thanks for checking out my mod!

I Hope to update more to this mod in the future! (That aged bad ngl)