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   Hello Nexus Users,


     First things first, this is a long about me, it covers how I got into modding, and the general story around my modding 'career'. If you have no interest in reading about my modding career, or life details, turn back now ;). I am Spiffyskytrooper. Most people will know me from some of my popular landscape mods for Fallout 4, Dustbowl Overhaul and ReGrowth Overhaul. I started modding in early 2014 as a hobby. I didn't have a real good PC at the time. just a crummy laptop. I used to watch AlChestBreach videos in complete awe at the mods he was using. I was a console user, and totally jealous. I'd spend hours watching video after video, mod showcase after mod showcase. Eventually I started watching other channels that covered mods outside of AlChestBreach and I knew I had to try some mods out. I had played through New Vegas and Fallout 3 previously on my xbox, but I hurried to steam and purchased both games anyways. I made my brand new Nexus Mods account, and I was eager to start modding. I can't tell how many days and nights I spend browsing the library to play mods on my suffering laptop. Even graphics and textures mods I knew I couldn't run I wanted to try out anyways. It was a new and exciting world of gaming I hand't touched until then. It was only a matter of time before I asked myself if I could create a mod - and that's exactly what ended up happening. I thought I'd start off simple and create a companion. Well, I was wrong about the simple bit, but I did create a companion. The companion was Ruby. A simple hull of an NPC to carry my crap and shoot things with me. Even though the companion is basic, I'm still proud of it/her, as it's my first work, and I spend literal hours putting the mod together, figuring out scripting, watching countless YouTube videos and staying up way too late. After Ruby came and NCR companion based off her. If I remember correctly, that was my first semi-popular mod. Before I knew it, I was hooked. The modding bug bit me. I continued to mod, eventually learned how to texture and work more in the GECK/CK. I ended up creating the NCR Overwatch Armour. It was a retexture of one of the lonesome road armours, and it was my first mod that made it to the hot files to got any YouTube coverage. That was really the moment that made me say "I love doing this. I love modding". Seeing people enjoy extra content that I can create made me ecstatic. Being a part of a modding community so big and broad was and still is an amazing experience. I kept modding on that laptop until it was on the fritz of death, and I decided it was time to get a proper PC. Mid 2015 I did just that. More storage, better hardware, better screenshots and modding proficiency. It's safe to say by this time I was into modding and there really wasn't any turning back. It just was and continues to be a fun hobby for me. I continued making mods for NV and Fo3, and then Fo4 came out. I started out simple as I did with the other games, textures mods and ReShades. The past year, and Fallout 4 modding has been some of the best. My landscape mods have been enjoyed by many, and I've been able to make a name for myself in landscape modding. Although I wouldn't say I'm just a landscape modder. I'm an everything modder. I enjoy modding in general. I also enjoying making videos of others and my own mods on YouTube so feel free to check me out there under the channel 'Spiff'. And on a last note to any aspiring models, I say one thing in terms of advice. If you have an idea, pursue it, try it, make what you can and don't be afraid to learn more. Before you know it someone else could make a mod of an idea you may have had. 


As long as the Nexus is up, my mods will be available. Even if I quit modding, my mods are here to stay! :)



Feel free to join my discord server:





















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