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BattlefrontNut or smoaek stan evil 686

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A mod that increases the spawn rate and therefore numbers of bots in Skirmish

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It's a very simple mod that greatly enhances skirmish.

If you are an avid player of Skirmish, you'd notice that most bots don't actually spawn and are "dead" for most of the match and this results in low playercounts and boring battles, as they are usually limited to 2 or 3 bots exchanging fire. Couple that with bots that barely shoot and are dumb as a pile of rocks, this makes for a very boring Skirmish.

Worry no more! Because this mod fixes that for you. It edits the spawn parameters of the bots so that all of them instantly spawn in, resulting in a full team for every side! Basically 20v20 bots are now a reality for skirmish players!

-- ISSUES --
Bots are more inclined to stay and hold positions for some reason.
Bot vehicles will not spawn anymore, since they all spawn immediately as infantry.

Works best with the SAIGO mod!