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activates hiding feature pc split screen in all oflline content. need 2 controler to start. Xbox controler with normal controler. for normal controler behave Xbox emu program(xbox360ce) needed.

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Works with frotsty mod manager and 2  pc controllers (one Xbox controler and one any pc controller) like in consoles logics. for 2nd normal controller recognize like Xbox controller use xbox360ce software.

this mod belong to guy usernamed Darth Kenobi. here is orginal file and video if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiU01LazPbg

am puting here to easy found becasue ı search this for long time. and because ı manage to work.

it officaly already in the game only code needed to activates this mod achieve that so probably legal

İmportant: you need two controler to enter you can play mause and keyboard after. for normal controller(probably scnd controler over xbox) to behave 2nd Xbox controler there is a program called xbox360ce. here to download 64bit version: xbox360ce 63bit

put the program exe in battlefront exe folder origingames/starwarsbattlefront

--- 2 things to work----

1- program little bugged you have to run compatibility mode win 8. other wise gives error on win 10.

2- after successfully run program creates xinput1_3.dll but battlefront dont recognize that you have change name with xinput1_4.dll.

then start the game with frosy mod manager mod enabled and when click split screen in all ofline mods (including walker assault and fighter squadron hero battles and arcade missions or storywise training modes) game ask press the 2nd controler pres any key with normal controller then vertical split screen game start.

keyboad and Mouse can be used but only in 1rst player. you can attempt orginal Xbox conrtoller to 2nd controller for better play but even my older cheap snopy contrroler works fine with Xbox emu no problem.

note: if you have two Xbox controller mod simply works you dont need to Xbox emu. ı dont know if it Works with two normal contorller with Xboxemu probably Works fine.
Extra: you can try this dlc offline mod too maybe in nexus but ı didnt tested after test ıll inform.

here working froty mod manager 2b : http://www.mediafire.com/file/1i95dspk4pqssyw/FrostyModManager_v1.0.2b.rar