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Vigg is a Duros who grew up on Tatooine whos hellbent on seeing the destruction of the Empire.

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Vigg Ozadis a Duros who lived most of his young life on Tatooine. In his early life he
and his family were forced to leave their home world due to the “Infinite
Empire” not only draining the last of the planets resources, but also enslaving
their people. After migrating to Tatooine, Vigg and his parents lived a simple farmer’s
life much like Luke. When Vigg became an adult, he decided to do trade runs
around planets surrounding Tatooine. He mostly lived on the move during this
time of his life, and didn’t bother to visit home for quite some time. After
several years he decided it was time to visit home, and try to find some work
back on Tatooine. When he arrived, only his father greeted him, telling of how
the Stormtroopers came only a few nights prior in search of something and
killed his mother who had rebelled in the process. Vigg was infuriated. After
finding out the Stormtroopers were doing sweeps, and that they’d be back again
in a few nights, Vigg set up a plan to exact revenge. He rummaged through the
scrap he could find, and shambled together a turret and some trip mines.
Blaster in hand, when the night came, Vigg waited. Through his scope he could
see the Troopers arriving from the distance. Moments later, there were knocks
on the door. Vigg’s father answered anxiously, and told the Trooper’s he wanted
them to leave. After Vigg’s fathers plan failed, they forcefully pushed their
way through only to be met with the blaster fire of the turret. Mowing two
troopers down before they could destroy it, the remaining 3 troops stormed the
place. Two went to the courtyard, and one went after Vigg’s father. One Trooper
in the courtyard set off the mines, while the other was killed by Vigg who was
hiding in a nearby dumpster. Hearing the screams of his father, Vigg ran inside
to aid him, but was too late. He rushed in to the main room to hear the blaring
sound of a blaster echoing off the walls, and the clanging of knife falling out
of his father’s hand, hitting the floor. Vigg finished off the last
Stormtrooper, and spent the rest of the night burying and mourning his father.
It was at this point Vigg knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to
join the Rebel’s. He’d heard about them, but never had a cause. Now his cause
was buried in the sand in front of him, next to his mother.