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The Star Wars movies are renowned for some pretty stunning visuals. From the iconic Binary Sunset in A New Hope to the colorful vistas in The Force Awakens. It's about time Star Wars: Battlefront got a makeover from its relative drab. For too long the majority of Reshade presets for this game look only appropriate on some maps, and even then there are always some sore spots. This will remedy that issue. 

Introducing the final piece to the "Cinematic" triumvirate, you will not be disappointed.

*Works great with Sly's Cinematic Lightsabers and Sly's Cinematic Firefights


-Highly Versatile: Looks great in every location! 

-Overhauled Palette: Every map's colors have been enhanced!

-High-Quality Bloom: Complement your new colors even further! Mimic the visuals of the movies!

-Deeper Shadows: Adjusted contrast makes for exciting new firefights as lights pop!

A visual overhaul for all post-processing effects in Star Wars: Battlefront 2015.

*Multiplayer compatible!

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