TNG Mega Mod Single File Download
WELCOME TO THE TNG MEGA MOD FOR SFC3. SINGLE FILE DOWNLOAD -- all SIX parts contained here. - Put together by Chris Jones and based on the Capt. Ravenous/Chris Jones re-balancing mod released in Nov. 2002.

This mod is compatible with the 531 patch IF you get the 531 update here:

This File will detect where SFC3 is on your PC.

You will end up with several files on your desktop.

TNG Mega Mod.bat activates this mod.

SFC3Orig returns you to the original game.

Here's a treat:

The new Galaxy Class is a Knox1711 conversion/kitbash. He did several registries. One for the Enterprise D, the original USS Galaxy, the USS Odyssey that was destroyed when a Jem Hadar Fighter rammed it, and the Venture class Dominion War re-fit Galaxy. I have included batch files (on your desktop) that will switch to which Galaxy hull you wish to play! cool or what?... HAVE A BLAST!

Some new textures will be installed. Orange smoke instead of purple is one.. new atmosphere look for planets.

Orig.bat puts the game back to its original state before you intalled this. (if, of course, you backed up the models mentioned above) If you did not back up the models above, you can still play online on GSA and with your unmodded friends, and you will see new versions of the Galaxy, Nebula, Sovereign, Intrepid, and Akira while your friends will see the original game models.

The Galaxy Batch files let you select which Galaxy hull you wish to play. Enterprise D, USS Galaxy, USS Odyssey, USS Venture.

There's a Dominion Wars.bat sitting in the game directoty for variety as you can select to play just that. Dominion Wars was the 1st part of this mega-mod released early January 2003.

There is some new audio here. Look in a directory called Dominion Wars audio in your game directory, and the sounds and voices to your game per these instructions:

To install the new audio... use Winzip with no compression. Open Winzip and Windows Explorer at the same time. Browse to your game directory and look for the 'Dominion Wars Audio' folder. Open up the folder inside there called SFCVoice. In Winzip open the file Drag all the sounds in the SFCVoice Folder into the zip file, making sure compression is set to none ('store' if using Winrar). Add the files.

Do the same for the SFCSounds. Open up in Winzip.

This procedure will greatly enhance your Dominion Wars/TNG Experience, and is required to have the audio work correctly.

The Federation gets some new audio to make things seem more authentic, as well as the Dominion.

Due to the way this mod had to be done, The Romulans are with the Klingons and will lose thier own exclusive audio. You will hear some Romulan audio with the Dominion. There are new taunts! Gul Dukat, Legate Damar, Weyoun, Jem Hadar (Victory is Life!), and the Founder.

Audio credits:



Star Trek DS9: Dominion Wars

Star Trek Deep Space 9 TV Series

Star Trek Armada 2 and Dominion Wars TC

-> Compiled by $iLk, registered member of Forum

[email protected]

Two weapons sounds, Photon Torp, and Quantum Torp, taken from Bridge Commander audio, from

All new audio files in WAV Format.

Upgrades/additions from the Dominion Wars in Jan. 2003 include:

Armoured Voyager AND Rhode Island Voyager Series Finale 1999

USS Equinox from a Voyager episode

Enterprise C



Scimitar (same model as the official Nemesis add on)

Galaxy-X TNG Series Finale 1994

New Norway Destroyer Model

High Detail USS Voyager


The original game files included here are from the 1.01 Beta 2 patched version of SFC 3

The following folders in assetsmodels will have changes to them.

If you do not back them up you can still play the normal game, some models will be different.



























Of the above, There will be completely new models of:










The rest are gf file adjustments for the UI.



The following written by my friend Captain Ravenous late 2002..

WELCOME TO THE TNG MEGA MOD FOR SFC: III - Put together by Chris Jones and based on the Capt. Ravenous/Chris Jones re-balancing mod released in Nov. 2002. Rebalance mod readme below...



a mod for SFC3

This mod was created solely for the purpose of bringing the look and feel of TNG Trek battles to your Starfleet Command game. Out of the box, SFC3 looks and feels like the old SFC games, but with TNG ships. This rebalancing mod brings you ships updated with actual starship data as a guide. All ships will come fully loaded already, its up to you to try different configurations. Will you sacrifice manueverability & speed for more weapons and better power? Or vice-versa? Will you take a weaker tractor for a better computer? The refit potential for ships remains endless, as before. This is how the game would have been out of the box had I been balancing the ships. This is what a TNG game should feel like. I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I do.


Capt. Ravenous - main project type-guy leader, I guess (on the original re-balance Mod in Nov.2002 - the basis for this TNG Mega Mod)

Chris Jones - the guy that filled the gaps (there were a lot)

Modellers - whose models made this mod more interesting, their read-me's are in their model folders.

Taldren - for their great game engine and lousy ship balancing, both of which were necessary for the creation of the original re-balancing mod!



Backup the following folders in assetsmodels of your game directory before install if you wish to keep original models of the ships involved.










Eagle Eye made up a strings file that tells you the damage rating of each weapon in the refit screens of any ship. That is included here, in the both the mod and original files, and it has been adjusted for 1.02.

I very much debated leaving the Feds, Klingons, and Roms unto themselves and just put the Dominion, Cardassians, Breen in the Borg slot; but did not like the idea of those 3 races having regenerative armour. I went with the following:

Playable Race breakdown:

Federation Alliance consists of:



Klingon and Romulan Empires are combined

The Dominion Axis consists of:




Borg are here because they come with the game. I did not use the Borg slot for the Dominion Axis as it would be unfair for them to have regenerating hulls.

Although it never happened in any show, It might be interesting to see a Dominion Battleship take on a Borg Cube.

New Models in this mod:

USS Defiant




Intrepid (Not USS Voyager)






Breen Battleship

JemHadar (Fighter)

DomBB (Dominion Battleship)

DomHC (Dominion Heavy Cruiser - Conjectural)

DomHCP (Dominion Heavy Cruiser w/ sensor pod - Conjectural)

JemHadarLC (Light Cruiser Fighter - Conjectural)

((above 3 models kitbashed by Ancient Angel - readmes in the model folders))

Galor Class Cardassian

Keldon Class Cardassian

Hutet Class Cardassian

Cardassian Starbase

Cfreighter (Cardassian Freighter)

DS9 (Terok Nor-Deep Space Nine)

So'Na Battleship



any questions e-mail

Chris Jones

[email protected]

Copyright and Distribution Permissions



Copyright notices:

Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager

(and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the

characters, related images, and sound from the productions.
Fasa to StarFleet Command Mod (1.0)
Quality: 10
FunFactor: 10
Creativity: 10

Overall Rating: 10
USS Prometheus
Tech: 10
Balance: 8
Quality: 8
FunFactor: 9
Creativity: 9
Item Placement: 9
Installation Instructions: 8

Overall Rating: 8.7
SFC Upgrade Mod 3.2 All In One
This is my shot at making a decent expansion for Star Trek Starfleet Command 3. As a whole the mod adds 3 new empires and ships from 10 new cultures, several new missions and skirmish scripts, overall faster gameplay, and much improved graphics. In addition the game now supports widescreen resolutions and is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows
Sovereign Class (LB)
Here is a Sovereign Class model first modeled for SFC2 by LB (Lord Bile). The screenshot here indicates where the hardpoints are on this ship, and the included specs make it quite the battlecruiser. All arcs are covered by phasers.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, Starfleet's Flagship, was nearly destroyed by the Reman ship Scimitar.

Original Model by Lord Bile.

SFC3 Conversion (hardpoints, damage textures, glows) by Chris Jones
Sovereign Class - Nemesis Version (from BC)
This file will automatically detect where SFC3 is on your hard drive, and place this ship in the right place. Specs included see the readme below.

Designed as part of Starfleet's advanced technology starship program and first launched in 2373, the Sovereign class was once the most impressive vessel in Starfleet. The Federation's traditional Flagship, the USS Enterprise-E is currently a Sovereign Class

The origins of the Sovereign class date back as far as 2338. At this time relationships between the Federation and the Klingon empire had degraded significantly, to the point where war was considered by many to be imminent. The President ordered Starfleet to place a design proposal for a new class of starship with very much greater military capability than current designs. This project was in the advanced planning stage when the loss of the Enterprise-C during the Narendra III incident eased tensions considerably. The warship project was initially to be scrapped, but Starfleet was instead asked to continue the project on a research basis only. Dubbed the Sovereign project it became a theoretical starfleet battlecruiser designed only as a computer model, with specimen hardware occasionally produced to test the design principles. The intention was to create a design that could be put into production with no delay, should a future crisis present itself.

The basic design was to be updated every five years so as to incorporate technology advances as they occurred. Initially the Sovereign design was a simple re-working of the Ambassador class, emphasizing weapons rather than exploratory and diplomatic capabilities. In the design updates of 2350, 55 and 60 much of the technology being developed for the Galaxy class project was incorporated, especially in the nacelle and warp core design. The re-establishing of relations with the Romulans in 2364 led to a major revision in the 2365 update, and many elements of the Sovereign went into low rate production in order to establish a stockpile ready for rapid assembly.

In mid 2365 first contact was also made with the Borg. The Sovereign project was activated and construction began on the first four ships of the class. However, it was apparent that much of the Sovereigns weaponry was based on that of the Galaxy class - a vessel which had proven ineffective against the Borg during that first encounter. New weapons were in preparation for the next design update due in 2370, but these were not going to be available in the immediate future. It was clear that despite the engineers best intentions, the Sovereign project was not going to meet it's primary goal - to get a warship into service fast enough to meet the crisis now looming.

The answer Starfleet settled on was to continue construction of the hull, propulsion, computer, and sensor systems of the ships already under construction but to suspend work on the shield, phaser and photon torpedo systems for three years. Instead, a crash development project was begun to field a small, very easily produced warship incorporating the new weapons - essentially a replay of the Sovereign project in miniature. To cut size - and therefore design and build time - to a minimum the new vessel would only be capable of short duration missions. The vessel would be very maintenance intensive, but would carry only limited stocks of non-replicatable spares. Combined with limited accommodation standards and small fuel reserves the new class would be capable of maintaining full readiness for only six to eight weeks during independent operations, far less than had been envisaged for the Sovereign. An important secondary role of this Defiant class was as a development test bed for the technology which would be worked into the Sovereign project as soon as it was ready.

Construction continued on the Sovereigns throughout the late 2360's. With the destruction of the Borg cube in 2366, Starfleet deemed that the threat had reduced to a level which would allow the Sovereigns to enter service before any renewed offensive. The Defiant class was therefore suspended, although the prototype was put into storage rather than scrapped. The lessons learned with the Defiant were incorporated into the Sovereign when work resumed on her weapons, a process which continued after the USS Defiant was reactivated for use at DS9. The switch from photon to quantum torpedoes and the inclusion of ablative armour are prime examples of this process. In addition, the bio-neural computer system pioneered by the Intrepid class was also included. The first of the class was was launched in 2371 as the USS Sovereign, with the USS Honorious due to follow six months later. The loss of the USS Enterprise in that year led to a last minute re-christening of another ship as the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-E.

The Sovereign class has emerged from the dockyards as Starfleets most sophisticated and comprehensively armed vessel. The vessel is equipped with a new variant of the Type XII phaser array - formerly known as the 'Type X+' for security reasons - which equips the Federations most powerful Starbases and deep space facilities. The type twelve has a raw beam power output some 60% more powerful than the Type ten arrays installed on the Galaxy class. In addition the type twelve has a shorter recharge time and can fire a longer sustained burst, giving each bank a combat effectiveness 76.4% greater than a type ten array. Since the Sovereign carries eleven arrays compared to Galaxies twelve, this gives the ship an overall 70% increase in phaser capability.

The torpedo armament is similarly impressive. The large quantum torpedo turret forward of the deflector dish is capable of firing five rounds per second, a greater overall rate of fire than the two main ten round burst photon torpedo tubes of the Galaxy class combined. Backup to the quantum torpedoes is provided by four photon tubes; these are located at the base of the engineering section in pairs which face forward and aft. Each is capable of firing twelve round bursts. This gives the Sovereign class the most powerful torpedo armament of any vessel in Starfleet service.

The shield system of the Sovereign class is similarly the most powerful of any Starfleet ship; the design was modified just prior to installation in order to increase effectiveness against both high energy tractor beams and phased polaron particles, measures clearly aimed at the Borg and Dominion respectively. Under normal operation the shield modulation frequencies are under the control of the ships computer system, which continually evaluates incoming weapons fire and automatically re-modulates the shields to give the most effective possible defence. It is thought - hoped - that this system will also enable the Sovereign class shield system to prevent beam-through by Borg transporter technology.

The warp engines of the Sovereign are of a new design which eliminates subspace distortion effects inherent to standard warp drives, a feature now becoming common on most Starfleet ships. The Sovereign class is currently the fastest vessel in Starfleet, with a maximum cruise speed of Warp 9.9 and a top speed of Warp 9.99 for up to twenty four hours. The very high cruise speed is intended to allow the ship to deploy as rapidly as possible to potential trouble spots. Her Impulse drive system is the most sophisticated model in production, giving the Sovereign class a manoeuvrability equal to that of a vessel one quarter its size.

The Sovereign's baptism of fire came in 2373 when a Borg vessel again attacked the Federation. The USS Sovereign herself was too far away to participate and the USS Enterprise - the only other Sovereign in service - was ordered to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone rather than join the fleet engaging the Borg, a curious decision since engaging the Borg is what the ship was specifically designed for. Captain Picard disobeyed this order and joined the battle in Earth orbit, co-ordinating a mass strike on a weak point on the cube and destroying it. The Enterprise was subsequently pulled into the past by the Borg and almost assimilated. The crew were successful in defeating the Borg and returning to 2373. Captain Picard was subsequently ruled to have been justified in disobeying his orders, and continues in command of the Enterprise.

With the advent of the Dominion war it was felt that the Sovereign would need more firepower to compete with Dominion designs. Most especially, the rearward torpedo coverage was felt to be a little lacking. As a result Starfleet decided to proceed with an uprated version of the ship.

Three extra aft facing photon torpedo tubes were added, along with two more forward facing tubes; a twin launcher aft of the bridge, a single launcher above the aft hangar deck, a single launcher at the base of the bridge terracing, and a single launcher near the bow. Additionally, four extra phaser arrays were added to the nacelle pylons.

The photon torpedo handling system had to be redesigned, which increased the stowage capacity from 300 to 350. This was considered more than adequate for most threats, although with so many tubes available there was a real danger of running out of torpedoes in a major battle.

As well as the increased weapons, the weapon range and accuracy was increased by installing the latest sensor and firecontrol systems, and the shield capacity was increased by about 25%. This gave the Sovereign an excellent capacity to withstand heavy fire in a battle. Some thought was given to increasing top speed, but this was abandoned.

The Sovereign class Enterprise-E was able to test out the new systems in 2379 when it faced the Reman ship Scimitar. Although the Scimitar greatly outgunned the Enterprise, the Starfleet ship did comfortably outperform the Romulan Norexan class warbirds in the battle. The ship did eventually run out of photons and exhaust its phasers, but it took a considerable degree of battle damage and remained at least partially operational.

Should the Romulans continue to produce the Scimitar class ships, Starfleet will be faced with considerable difficulties. It is possible that an even more uprated version of the Sovereign could be produced, but a completely new and much more powerful vessel may be required.

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