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Quality: 8

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Star Trek: Legacy�

Keys of Legacy 1.2

Created by: Alexraptor

E-Mail: alex AT alexraptor DOT com



This mod will unlock a number of disabled features in Star Trek Legacy.

While there are other mods out there that include some of these features, this mods goal

is to unlock all that can be unlocked without disrupting multiplayer functionality.

The mod will unlock the doors for the following:

Changes in Version 1.0:

- Save/load Game(only works properly in campaign mode)

- All missions

- Planet Conquest

- Free Camera(can be difficult to use)

- Orbit Planet Command

Changes in Version 1.1:

- Fleet Maneuvers(original Coding by Genty, UI revised by Alexraptor)

- Game Lock(lets you close your multiplayer games from others)

Changes in Version 1.2:

- Patch 1.2 support

- Developer Tools(by Gal)

- Hero ship bug Fix

- Pre-Release Ent Cube Textures

- Pre-Release TNG Cube Glows

- Guard command(implemented by Genty)

- Escort maps*

- Fleet Maneuvers removed due to incompatibility with 1.2 patch.

- Fixed "Hint" for planet conquest which stated to hold down "A" to bring up the radial menu.



Extract the contents of the zip file into your Main legacy folder.

Make sure to back up the original files, in case you don t want to use this mod.



In the previous version i put legacy.xml and legacymissions.xml in the wrong folder. if

your using the previous version then delete the .xml files in the campaign folder.

because they should only be in the CampaignLegacy folder.

or else version 1.2 wont work properly.



Key's of Legacy is an ongoing project, so as more hidden or disabled options are found there will be new versions. Also, please note that this mod is intended for users of Stock version of legacy.

Manuever Commands unfortunately had to be removed in this version, due to incompatability with the 1.2 patch.

*The escort maps are really supposed to be sorted under their own game type,

unfortunately i have been unable to figure out how to enable it. so to get around that i set the original maps to be avaible in deathmatch. but Since they are scripted they will work as they should.

In addition the escort maps are pretty demanding, so low end system users should be cautious.

As by request by some i have decided to include the Developers Tools in the 1.2 Release. Thanks to Gal over at Legacy forums the tools menu can be toggled on and off by the new "Wrench" Icon at the bottom of the main menu.

The "GUI Viewer" is also fully functional also thanks to Gal ;)

The Pre-release TNG Cube glow map is a reconstruction by me, since the original one had a lower resolution then the main cube texture.

The Pre-release Ent Cube textures had an incomplete Alpha Map which i myself completed based on bumpmap, glow map and specular map data.


Known Bugs:

Trying to join a Closed game will cause the main multiplayer screen to overlap the Join screen when kicked out, when this happens, leave the join screen.


Additional Credits:

Genty - Implementation of Fleet maneuvers and "Guard" command.

Gal - Implementation of the toggleble Dev Tools menu, as well as fixing the GUI Viewer

MadDoc Software - for creating the original content left in the game for the modding community to find ;)

Exter - Beta Testing

Viper - Beta Testing

P$YCH0_SRB - Beta Testing
This file was archived on Nexus Mods in an effort to save the files that were lost when Game Front shut down in April 2016. As of March 2018, Game Front has now returned with the original staff, including most of the files it originally hosted. With the blessing of the Game Front staff and to ensure a viable backup of these files remains, we'll continue to host these files on Nexus Mods with a link back to the original file on Game Front.