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Quality: 10
FunFactor: 10
Creativity: 10
Installation Instructions: 10

Overall Rating: 10
Star Trek: Legacy�

6 player map: Terrokan

Created: Alexraptor.



Welcome to Terrokan!

Terrokan is a binary star system with five planets. Its twin stars are very unusual due to not only their close proximity, creating intense gravimetric shears but also due to the presence of unusually elevated neutrino emissions.

While the system is in federation space, the unusual properties of the stars has drawn attention of a great many other races. A recent intense solar flare revealed previously unknown romulan activity near the fourth planet in the system, a cause for investigation?

The asteroid belt in the system is a favored obstacle course for cadets spending their semester in this system.

There has also over the years been many rumors circulating about cardassian experiments involving the Terrokan stars, truth or just a myth?

The map has support for Deathmatch and "Planet Conquest".

NOTE: The Wormhole is not really just leftovers from "Armada 2" so it is a bit buggy. It can for one cause your ship to act a bit strangely, Jumping to warp will fix the problem.



Simply unzip terrokan.sol and place it in your "sol" folder.


Please do not use this file in any other projects without my permission.

E-Mail: alex AT alexraptor DOT com
This file was archived on Nexus Mods in an effort to save the files that were lost when Game Front shut down in April 2016. As of March 2018, Game Front has now returned with the original staff, including most of the files it originally hosted. With the blessing of the Game Front staff and to ensure a viable backup of these files remains, we'll continue to host these files on Nexus Mods with a link back to the original file on Game Front.