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TOS Terran Crew

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Hail the Empire!  This mutator mod will change your stock crew into
 a Terran Empire crew complete with phasers, daggers, and agonizers.
Uniforms were taken dirctly from the show as well as ported from the
TOS Romulan Elite force Mod and Jay Hurst's TOS Total
Uniform Conversion Mod 1.1.  

Some of the crew has been changed around,
including the science officer who is now the Mirror Spock.

Spock Sounds:  I have also added Spock sounds as an option.
If you Place the Sfx folder (located in the Spock sounds folder) into your
main directory, it WILL overwrite and replace some of the standard Miguel
voices  with Spock voices.  I placed it in a separate folder (Spock sounds)
 so it won't be easy to overwrite by accident.

Note: if you want to change miguel to spock on all your bridge sets, use
the "Science Officer Spock 2.0" mod located on the forums (it will not overide
Mirror Spock in this mod).