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BCUT 1.7.6, ****I DO NOT OWN THIS FILE**** The BCUT 1.6 on here appears to be corrupt when I tried to extract it, but managed to track 1.7.6 down so thought i'd upload it for you all.

Permissions and credits
Bridge Commander Universal Tool (aka BCSMC)
by USS Sovereign (BCS : TNG)
-Quick & easy ship plugin creation using Basic BCSMC option
-Can create multiple ship plugins using Fast BCSMC option
-Advanced BCSMC which supports CWS2.0, Life Support, SubMenu, SDT and FTech. It is the ultimate ship plugin creation tool.
-Plugin Editor which supports CWS2.0, Life Support, SubMenu, SDT and FTech editing. It has intelligent plugin analyzing when loading a plugin.
-It can import older TGL descriptions usually created by BCMP via 2 methods
-Noob Guide to create a most basic BC installation
-BC TestMode Starter which creates a correct BC desktop shortcut which launches BC in TestMode
-BCMP Fixer which fixes installs messed up by BCMP
-BCMod Unpacker which can unpack\install older BC Mods, it supports single file extraction
-BCMod Creator, it allows modders to pack their mods into a BCMod package
-Mod Installer which automatically installs all mod types into your game
-Sound Plugin Creator which creates sound plugins for your weapons\engines
-TGL Editor which allows you to edit Totally Games Localization files (tgl), it can also fix "corrupt" tgl files which no other tgl editor will load
-It can backup your BC scripts folder, which you can later restore to return your game to a previous state
-Ship Carrier Plugin Creator for Shuttle Launch Framework
-Ship Uninstaller which quickly removes ships from your game
-Hardpoint Tweaker which allows you to easily tweak almost any part of a Hardpoint
-Torp Tech Creator which allows you to add FTech to Torpedoes easily
-Comes with the latest Foundation build, you also have the option to install older Foundation builds (Basic Foundation)
-Comes with NanoFX Atmospheres Fix
-Comes with QB Description Fix, you will need this if you like to write your descriptions in the ships plugin
-Vista "aware"
and many more...
This program is the intended replacement of the BCMP/BCMI updated for today's standards. It is also the successor of the Bridge Commander Ship Menu Creator (aka BCSMC). 
It has been completely rewritten from scratch and has been made more user friendly. It has something for every ones taste. 
If you want to quickly create ship plugins, Basic BCSMC is the right choice for you (just point and click). If you want to create multiple plugins at once, Fast BCSMC is the choice for you.
If you like to customize plugins fully, add techs for your ships or customize ship descriptions in great lengths Advanced BCSMC is the tool for you. It allows you virtually to customize all aspects of a ship plugin. 
If you like to edit plugins, you can use the Plugin Editor which can load most of the plugins out there. If there is a problem with the plugin it will notify you.
It is also capable of importing TGL based descriptions created by BCMP. It can import them directly to a ship plugin or merge them with the ships.tgl (file which holds all ship descriptions). It is recommended to import the descriptions to the plugin file.
For N00bs out there, there is a detailed guide on how to create a modded install (N00b 101). There is also a tool which creates a shortcut for you which you can use to launch BC in TestMode.
It is fully compatible with older mods as it can extract BCMod files, which are of an older standard. BCUT also can create BCMod files, if you are a modder you can package your mods now with BCUT.
If you want to install mods automatically, Mod Installer is the right choice for you as it automatically recognizes all mod installation types and takes appropriate measures. You can install any mod with a couple of clicks.
You can use it to create sound plugins for you weapons\engines. It can also edit and create TGL Files, it is also capable of loading "corrupt" tgl files which no other tgl editor will load. You can use it to fix those broken files so you won't have to lose any data.
It can backup your BC scripts folder which you can always restore at a click of a button. It is also capable of creating Ship Carrier plugins and is capable of uninstalling Ship Mods.
BCUT allows you also to tweak up values in your ships hardpoint, please note that this feature does not replace MPE fully. 
You can also add FTech to Torpedo script with a couple of mouse clicks.
It comes with the latest Foundation build, however it also allows you to install the Basic Foundation.
As old BCSMC, BCUT also comes with NanoFX Atmospheres Fix and QB Description Fix. Remember to install QB Description Fix if you use Ship Description Writer for your descriptions.
Refer the pdf manual for more info.
This program comes with an installer so just run it and follow the on screen instructions.
Note: If you manually install BCUT make sure to start BCUT.exe as this is the main exe.
Net Framework 2.0 or higher (Get it here:
None that we know of
- USS Sovereign for making this program
- Mike Krüger, Christoph Wille, Christian Holm and Bernhard Spuida: the team who is behind the SharpZipLib
- Igor Pavlov for 7-Zip
- Markovtsev Vadim for SevenZipSharp 
- Nanobyte who created the BCMod format
- Dasher for the Foundation, various Foundation Fixes & Foundation Tech (which are included in BC Foundation 2008)
- Mleo for various Foundation Fixes, Submenu 3.7, Foundation Tech (which are included in BC Foundation 2008) & his invaluable assistance during the assembling of the new Foundation. Also special thanks for his help with FTech customization portion of BCUT.
- Defiant for & Scrollable Mutators (which are included in BC Foundation 2008)
- cordanilus for Theme 2 in BCUT
- kirk2164 for Theme 3 in BCUT
- FekLeyr Targ who came up with the new name for this program
- SMBW for his previous work on BCSMC v5.6 (his German translation)
- JimmyB76 for his never ending support of BCSMC\BCUT
And everybody else who supported\is supporting the production of this program.
Your support is appreciated ;)
This program is not made or supported by Activision. You may distribute this program freely as long as the original archive is distributed and no part of it, including this document, is modified or missing.
Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage this does to your computer.
Use it at your own risk.
BCS:TNG takes no credit or claim whatsoever for this library. SharpZipLib is released under GPL license with an important exception:
BCS-TNG takes no claim or credit whatsoever for 7-Zip. 7-Zip is released under LGPL license:
BCS-TNG takes no claim or credit whatsoever for this library. SevenZipSharp is released under LGPL license:
BCS:TNG takes no credit or claim for any of these mods included in the package. If you wish to use any of these scripts\code, please consult the Foundation 2008 Docs folder in your BC directory and look through the supplied documentation. You can also contact BCS:TNG and we will direct you to the author of the script\code in question.
1.7.6 version
-updated external components to latest versions
-fixed a bug in mod installer when it wouldn't create paths which were empty
1.7.5 version
-updated external components to latest versions
-updated theme 1
-added theme 4
-added theme 5
-added ability to preview themes
-code improvements
-small bugfixes
-added support for KM custom hp, ships and projectiles directories in mod installer
-added ability for hp tweaker to apply one weapon setting as a template to same weapon types
1.7 version
-updated 7Zip components to latest versions
-added new feature: Torp Tech Creator
-updated nanofx 2.0 targetable suns\atmospheres fix
-updated qb desc fix
1.6.2 version
-updated external components to their latest versions
1.6.1 version
-Fixed a bug when BCUT would freeze or crash when clearing its temp directory
-When creating a new config file BCUT now uses the proper default theme
-Corrected some spelling errors
-Added ability to remove file associations
1.6 version
-Fixed a bug in HP Tweaker when you couldn't update Max Condition for repair subsystem
-Navigation menu tweaked and enhanced
-Fixed animation transition flickering on some themes
-Fixed tab flicker
-Added BCMod Creator 
-Added drag & drop support and context menu support for BCMod Creator
-Fixed a bug when Ship Uninstaller in extremely rare cases wouldn't delete all ship related files
-Theme 3 is now the new default theme
-BC Tools tabs reordered
-Added Mod Installer
-Added drag & drop support for Mod Installer
-Small bugfixes version
-Added support for Fed Ablative Armor (FTech) version
-Better optimized
-Little faster
-Ship Uninstaller will now delete ship carrier files also
-Added support for Frontiers Tech Pack ship based techs (FTech editor) version
-Fixed a bug which caused BCUT to freeze when creating backups
-BC backups are now listed by their dates (newest on the top, oldest on the bottom)
1.5.7 version
-Fixed a bug in the TGL Editor which caused the program to crash if you attempted to load a Read Only marked TGL Files
1.5.6 version
-Fixed a bug in BCUT's Adv BCSMC Mode which saved by default CloakSFX properties
1.5.5 version
-Fixed Open Dir in Win Explorer bug when saving HP's to a different dir than the default specified
-Added drag and drop support for hardpoint files
-Added double click load support for hardpoint files
1.5 version
-Repositioned CloakSFX access link
-Added transition animations
-Added tgl description merge feature
-Added hardpoint tweaker
-Minor localization fixes
1.4 version
-Added support for CloakSFX by Rob Archer
-Added a new Configuration option to open the directory in Windows Explorer when BCUT creates a new plugin/tgl file
1.3 version
-BCMod extraction errors should now be traced down more easily as more info is dumped
-Tweaked program version update checking
-TGL Creation\Reading improved
-BCMOD Extraction improved
-Numerous code improvements
-Added new component: Ship Uninstaller
1.2.1 version
-Fixed a bug in the Sound Plugin Creator which caused incorrect sound path to be created for "Other Sounds"
1.2 version
-Included latest Foundation fixes into the Foundation builds distributed by BCUT (thanks Mleo)
-Added Ship Carrier Creator (Shuttle Launch Framework needed)
1.1.1 version
-Fixed a bug in the SoundPlugin creator
-Fixed a mouse scroll bug in the TGL Editor GUI
1.1 version
-Fixed a bug in the TGL Editor (GUI related)
-Added Associate with Py files option, BCUT runs on double click
-Added Associate with TGL files option, BCUT runs on double click
-Added "forgotten" drag & drop support for TGL Files (drag and drop doesn't work on Vista due to UAC)
-"Probably" fixed an issue which users had with BCMod files
-Added first run auto configure prompt
1.0 version
Upgrade notes for BCSMC v5.6 users
-Basic BCSMC added
-Fast BCSMC enhanced
-Real BCSMC is now Advanced BCSMC, it supports even more options
-Plugin Editor supports editing of everything that Advanced BCSMC can create
-Noob 101 added
-TestMode Starter added
-BCMod unpacker further improved
-BCMod unpacker supports single file extraction
-You can now browse the contents of the BCMod file
-Sound Plugin Creator has been greatly enhanced
-TGL Editor added
-Backup BC has been enhanced
-Foundation was updated to include Basic Foundation
-Much easier to use\configure
-More intuitive interface
Go to for support, questions, comments, etc. The home of BCS:TNG!