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Adds various ships that i personally feel are missing from the game. Hence the name Missing Ships. Ships are integrated into vanilla factions and are balanced around vanilla ships and normal difficulty.

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felt like some ships were missing from the rooster. Felt like adding them. So i did. currently theres these:

Midline ships



Midline Dreadnought, hulking behemoth of concentrated long range firepower. Utilizing three twin heavy Mjolmir turrets to wrestle with Space Fortresses and planetary ground-to-space batteries (not yet implemented, but it will help with planetary raids), this ship is single-handedly able to destroy whole fleets of capital ships. Designed pre-collapse, but never built, for there was no need for such an expensive ship, new reality of the sector might prove this design to be useful. If anyone is able to find its blueprint and has industrial power to bear, they may as well create this monster of destruction and unleash unseen firepower on the whole galaxy.


Midline Supercarrier, breaker of worlds. Carrying enough ordinance and support infrastructure to ensure fighter superiority over any theater of war. Able to deploy dozens upon dozens of high end fighters, this mothership can easily overwhelm any and all resistance with ruthless stream of ordinance. Sleek in its design, only very few of these ships were ever build, at the peak of fighter doctrine, to blot out the sun of many worlds. May whatever gods there are have mercy, when this mobile space station arrives on the battlefield. Provides 20 fighter slots and almost 600 ordinance points, battleship level defense capabilities and station level range. note-i used this with only talons. destroyed paragon under a minute, without any other weapons. Named after some prehistoric big bird twat. same as Nagato, player has to build them, no other way of getting them, and i made extra sure that AI wont have access to these ships. however, if given chance, even pop 5 planets with high command can spawn them in fleets, both Nagato and this one.

Capital ships


Midline battleship-uparmored Conquest with 4 centered large ballistic guns. Give it 4 Gauss, extend its range as much as possible and watch it tear enemies to pieces from 2k range-great at taking down shields and has increased PD slots too. Be warned though, its not a very good brawler (flux runs out quick) and it will loose even to Conquest in short/mid range fight due to removal of the prow missile slots. Give it some good escorts or fighter cover. Inspired by Yamato battleship.


Midline capital carrier-Conquest that gave up its large guns and prow missiles for 6 wings. it will get shredded by Legion or any other capital in close range due to lack of proper armor and armament, however, it can also dish out serious damage from 8 ballistic slots, 4 on each side able to shoot in front of the ship, but due to flux cost, its highly advised to stay far back and provide overwhelming fighter support. 6 thunders on this baby can ruin day of any Astral and can seriously hinder and even destroy, after prolonged engagement, other capital ships. Inspired by Venator-class from Starwars.

Patrol Boats

Claymore is the concept of Midline fighters lead to its extreme. While being technically a fighter, its sheer size and firepower puts it in Patrol Craft size class. This superheavy fighter is equipped with heavy machinegun, vulcan and 6 fighter class Swarmer missiles. Combined with its extreme range, it can give Thunder fighters heavy fire support they often desperately need. Having light frigate armor, Claymore can wrestle with ship PD for quite some time and other than different Patrol Craft, no fighter can challenge its might, but their long refit time should be taken into account when fighting.

Lowtech ships

Capital ships

The peak of exploration technology, building upon heritage of venerable Venture-class Cruiser, Expedition broadens every aspect of it and more. Used as mobile HQ of massive sub-corporations, anchoring entire fleets in deep space, serving as a city, with hospitals, holo-education centers, recreational facilities, enough cargo space to provide independence for up to two years, this ship provides everything a civilian fleet might desire, in their long and lonely expeditions to the fringes of the sector. Has massive array of small weapons providing excellent anti-ordinance capability, 4 fighter bays build with talon fighters in mind, two large ballistic weapon slots for anti-capital duty and sea of ordinance points to give your fleets proper operation center. Not designed or intended to be used in direct combat. Inspired by JMC mining ship, Red Dwarf for early design, then i slapped some vanilla ships onto it and called it a day.-note, might lower flux points, even if all other capitals manage to destroy it, it fares still too good.

Civilian Combat Ships

With the aftermath of the first AI war, millions of traders were disillusioned with the sector powers who were unable to protect them. So various small corporations and civilian concerns came up with conversion kits for many ships. Most widely used were the Light Carrier Buffalo Mk.III kit and Destroyer Nyx kit.Buffalo Mk.III can house two wings of fighters without any issue, however, much like Buffalo freighter, it has lackluster armor and armament to defend itself, so its rather regarded as Wing Tender, rather than Carrier. Nyx on the other hand sports heavy armor even for its weight class, and able to be uparmored to cruiser class armor. It also has several weapon mounts able to cover its own bases against ordinance and enemy ships alike. Nyx fulfills the so much needed "ship of the line" role, that so few civilian ships can take.

Patrol Craft

Ubiquitous on planets of the leading powers, the "PC" or "Patrol Craft" serve generally only as suppression and heavy patrol units, however, after slight modifications to its engine systems, these Patrol Craft can be used in space combat without much issue. They can fit into most hangars, and while they have very high supply profile, they provide serious firepower for a "fighter" class ship, rocking mostly about half of what Frigate class ships carry.
Two main classes which both have two sub classes are Patrol Craft class and Gun Craft class. Patrol craft subclasses are Patrol Craft, with twin auto cannon, two twin machineguns and vulcan on its rear, and Torpedo Craft with twin auto cannon, two single harpoon launchers and rear vulcan. Gun Craft subclasses are Gun Craft with twin auto cannon, heavy machinegun and rear vulcan and Flak Craft with twin auto cannon, single flak gun and rear vulcan.
patrol craft gun craft

Fighter wings

First new addition, Nail, represents soul of the sector. Utilitarian application of stripping every single thing from ships, making them horrible death traps for sake of saving money and limited space. While loosing its missile pods and targeting systems, wing of Nails gains 2 additional fighters over its more conventional death trap, Talon. Being basically Vulcan with engine and poor soul piloting it, its good anti-ordinance fighter, and still somewhat capable anti-fighter fighter, but other than that, its pretty useless. But then again, what else that came from the pirate yards isnt. Second addition is Broadsword Mk.II. Upon closer inspection of Broadsword, it was found that it actually carries two missile spots, but no missiles. Big brain geniuses in Hegemon Naval yards figured they could utilize sudden surge of fighter size missile pods and weld them to these spots. And so was born the Broadsword Mk.II. boosting original machineguns and two missile pods, it became strong contender for the best fighter in the sector. Only question remains, how noone figured out this sooner.

Hegemony ships

Second Generation Hegemony Auxiliaries

5 more civilian ships converted by the Hegemony Naval yards in effort to bolster the ever weakening ranks of the Hegemon flotilla. First new ship is modified Colossus-class Freighter, which is supposed to replace fragile Buffalo-class Freighters, which fall an easy prey to increasing pirate activity. Second addition is modified Condor-class Light Carrier, while it was already ambiguous across the Hegemon fleets, it never received the attention it deserved. It got it now, with upgrades across the board making it even more formidable carrier than before. Third ship is a surprising addition, Mudskipper-class Wing Carrier, originally used as a small transport ship, its shuttle bay was modified to house wing of talon fighters. While there wasnt any space left for proper shield generator, it still provides cheapest way to get fighter capability to any fleet desperate enough to use it. Fourth addition is another Hegemon evergreen, the famous Mule-class Combat Freighter. Featuring already thick armor and serious armament for a freighter, military upgrades only benefited this formidable ship. Last but not least, Venture-class Cruiser, another ship everpresent in the sector. By several simple upgrades, Hegemon Venture now poses serious threat to any captain foolish enough to underestimate the venerable Venture. Stripping away its mining drones and survey equipment and modernizing the fighter bay to house a talon wing, this ship has reached new potential, waiting to be exploited.

Luddic Path


Hammer of Ludd. Avatar of his holy spirit, the Ragnarok, what once was a life giver to the Persean sector is now its ultimate demise. Old Sporeship, one of the first to arrive to the sector, hundreds of years old was reforged, remade and refitted with Space Fortress worth of armaments. This mobile battle station, able to smash through capital ships is the peak of Luddic Paths efforts to eradicate the sector of the heretics and heathens. May Ludd has mercy on anyone foolish enough to fight this instrument of his holy will.



Much like its pirate brethen, even Luddic Path saw the possible utility of the Starliner. Haphazardly converting it to the carrier brings much needed fighter support to the Panther fleets. Starliner Mk.III houses 3 wings of fighters, and while its support infrastructure is nothing great, its still remarkably useful, and whats more important to the Panthers, cheap. While Starliner is readily available, other cruiser class ships arent. Panthers however desperately needed cruiser combat ships. Opportunity appeared however. Everpresent husks and hulks of the abandoned and destroyed ships are all around the sector. And so was born the Panther combat fleet. Consisting mostly out of previously destroyed and looted ships, while not being even remotely as efficient as their new and pristine counterparts, these ships are everywhere, have low support profile and are cheap to maintain. For cruiser class, these ships are Eagle, Dominator, Falcon and Venture. Every looted ship had its energy weapons removed and retrofitted to ballistic weapons, due to their lower cost and availability. Because of their salvaged nature, they are worse in every single aspect than their counterparts. However, they have reduced supply and deployment requirements, making them great at overwhelming enemies with numbers.


Along with construction its main cruiser fleets, Panthers realized they needed screen ships too. First of these is Condor. Classic civilian and military light carrier, only proper carrier in the Panther lineup. Then comes the combat destroyers. Same as with their cruiser counterparts, these are mostly looted and salvaged ships, making them overall worse, but cheaper to maintain and deploy. Enforcer and Hammerhead pose great threat to merchant fleets, due to their overhaulet engine systems, giving them ability to quickly close in in their targets. During raids, Panthers get a lot of various freighters. Realizing the boon on their hands, they converted Tarsus and Mule freighters into makeshift combat ships. While far from any actual combat ships, they still pose a threat to civilian vessels. Last but not least, Nebula. Same with Starliner, Luddic Path found them self with massive fleet of these looted ships after countless raids. Rather than selling them or scrapping them, they repurposed it, and made deadly Hammer barrage its main weapon, converting its standard hangar to house Hammer torpedoes, giving it quite a few volleys before running out.


Much like with previous classes, even frigates were needed, and so panthers came up with additional designs for their fleets. Wolf, while loosing its jump abilities, is still a formidable and very nimble frigate. Other 3 frigates are converted civilian ships. The Mercury, Hermes and Mudskipper. Mercury and Hermes were merely armed with two missile slots. Muddskipper, however, following its pirate counterpart, has been fitted with Hammer barrage. While extremely fragile, one would be fool to underestimate raw killing power of this small craft equal to suicide bomber.

Patrol Craft

Snake is an old mining craft design, carrying two hammer torpedoes and two small guns for protection, it was often used during small scale mining operations. While rather weak, its the better alternative to the Perdition bombers, which far too often fall prey to enemy PD.


Capital ships

Albatross but everything is wrong. Using broken down Atlas Mk.II as its basis, stripped most weapon mounts and welded massive fighter bay where cargo bay once stood. While still suffering from lack luster generator, slow speed and paper thin armor, it can deliver 6 fighter wings of ordinance in relatively cheap package (and a littlecorrupted too). There were some spontaneous combustion incidents from subpar quality fighters, but such sacrifice is pirate captain always willing to make. Inspired by Colossus Mk.III.

Pirate Fleet Extended

While Hegemony pushed "new" designs into the sector, pirates took some inspiration, and a nanoforge or two, or much more likely just stole some welding torches, and made some "new" ships of their own as well. First being pirate modification of Venture Cruiser, nothing exceptional, except that it has lost all of its more delicate equipment "somewhere". Good ship of the line, and when supported by another two new additions to the pirate fleet, it is rather dangerous. Starliner, unused, sat around the sector as bleak reminder of the golden age. It now serves a much more practical purpose. Filled to the brim with massive computers, communications arrays and wide array of amenities to serve its pirate crew, this ship can seriously bolster any fleet it supports. Nebula, while being yet another reminder of bygone era, served well in the new daily reality of the sector, however, when pirate warlords were done with the starliner support ship design, they still desired something more nimble, smaller. And so came the Nebula Mk.II into being.
note:i dont know how OP will be the new starliner/nebula builds. They will have immense effect on larger fleets, but as i dont really have time to play for few dozen hours with these, i will rely on you, the people, to let me know if its OP or UP.

Furthermore, i will likely continue to add ships to the game, until my inevitable burnout.

Planned ships are:

Pirate versions of vanilla ships - underutilized designs will find their way into the game, one way or another-some added in 0.3
"Atlas salvage rig" - Atlas but salvage rig.
More Auxiliary ships - hegemony and other factions will get more/their own auxiliary ships, following same philosophy as vanilla "(A)", -note, few hegemon ships added in 0.2.1
Civilian combat oriented ships - made as part of my other mod, not yet public, in effort to prolong midgame-some added in 0.3
Dreadnought class of ships for low/mid/high tech and pirates-only 1 per campaign, not buildable, only scavengable. balance wise-about 1 space station section. (this will take significantly longer time to reach, since it will be harder to just recycle assets from vanilla and i cant draw for ****)


I am open to suggestions about new ships/balance of current ships. Staple and Albatross took me like a day to make with reading modding tutorials included, so i guess i could add ships relatively fast.

expedition is *** ugly and i will make proper model once i think of something prettier than Rimmers forehead.
note-description ingame is unfinished and really not the top priority for me, if someone is willing to make vanilla sized descriptions for ships, i will marry your dog.
Nautilus81-DESCRIPTION OF SHIPS:Staple, Albatross, Atlas Mk.III,Patrol Craft,Expedition,Buffalo Mk.III,Nyx
Archaeon-DESCRIPTION OF SHIPS:Broadsword Mk.II, Colossus, Condor, Mudskipper, Mule, Nagato, Nail, Nebula Mk.II, Starliner Mk.II, Venture, Pirate Venture


0.4.-25.11.2019-Ludd Path update, hella path ships, modified weight values so path would use exclusively path ships (ships that were blessed by the ludd, so they can use the fuel "luciferium") and added midline superheavy fighter and several small corrections on other ships and made new mod page layout.
0.3.4.-08.11.2019-Bunch of minor balance tweaks, added missile slots to mule, added supercarrier Pelagornis. bunch of other changes i forgot. Made sure so that AI wont be able to use super ships.
0.3.3 hotfix1-29.10.2019-nagato wasnt attacked by enemies, for some reason. fixed
0.3.3.-26.10.2019-Introduced Nagato, Nail and broadsword Mk.II. Several corrections and balance changes applied. NAGATO CAN BE ONLY BUILD FROM BLUEPRINT FROM THIS VERSION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Added few descriptions
0.3.2.-15.10.2019-balance update mostly. fixed pirate starliner and made ventures less beefy-hegemony venture could reach 2400 armor easily. that wont do.
0.3.1.hotfix1-09.10.2019-pirate venture had bugged collision detection, remade it, works in my game. renamed starliner and nebula roles.
0.3.1.-08.10.2019:fixed starliner and nebula clasification, upped maintenance and fleet points of albatross, made pirate venture more combat oriented and changed its built in hangar into converted hangar bay
0.3.-07.10.2019:Added pirate ships:Venture, starliner support and nebula support. Added civilian ships:Nyx destroyer and Buffalo wing tender. Added Patrol Craft
0.2.2.-26.9.2019:made few graphical improvements on ships, made OP adjustments for few ships, removed two medium energy slots from albatross, fixed expedition, no longer frigate but capital.
0.2.1.hotfix1-26.09.2019:Expedition spawns within 4 factions, with independents being main sellers. i dont know what was wrong, i just rewrote half of the data and somehow it worked. ship was ingame and working, but for some reason wasnt recognized by markets.
0.2.1-31.8.2019:added Expedition and several Hegemony auxiliaries. Upped auxiliary use by hegemony by 0.5.
0.2-20.8.2019:added Atlas Mk.III, made factions use new ships/made ships actually buyable