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A simple, clean fighter-, and cruiser-centric high-tech/midline faction,
focused around carrier combat, specialized weapons, and high mobility.
Adds 40+ ships and 70+ weapons, new {REDACTED} enemies, generous campaign content,
deeply inappropriate ship names, cheese-eating space magic, arcane in-jokes, and more.

Permissions and credits
[spoiler=DME Ships]
Zelenograd Research Platform - Jeanne d'Arc Fleet Carrier

Kobra Gunboat - Wanderer Combat Clipper - Baikal Universal Cruiser - Husky Picket Ship

Tunguska Gun Destroyer - Snow Goose Fast Attack Ship - Kormoran Guard Cruiser - Vesper Tactical Frigate

Tereshkova Explorer - Chamois Utility Rig CUT - Normandie Command Carrier - d'Erlon Escort Carrier

Demoiselle Strike Bomber - Harridan Scout Fighter - Spirale Heavy Fighter - Rafale Torpedo Bomber - Foil Attack Bit - Dard Drone Interceptor 

Star Sylph Combat Courier - Lodestar Armed Freighter CUT - Bouclier Armored Courier - Shalaika Scout-Courier

Mouflon Assault Lander CUT - Sevastopol Secure Transport - Kentaurus Armed Transport - Puddle Jumper Free Trader
[spoiler=DME Weaponry]

Linear Autogun - Heavy Linear Autogun - Heavy Linear Cannon - Twin Linear Cannon - Linear Cannon

Whistler Jetrifle - Howlspear Cannon - Howler Cannon - Horn Attack Gun

Assault Rail Accelerator - Superheavy Rail Accelerator - Heavy Rail Accelerator - Light Rail Accelerator

Ripper Flechette Gun - Revanche Flechette Cannon - Flak Discharger

Snub Hybrid Blaster - Hybrid Blaster - Auto Hybrid Blaster - Hybrid Repeater - Hybrid Pulser

Obusier Shock Artillery - Ultra Shockbeam - Tactical Shockbeam

ER Pulsed Laser - ER Gravitic Lance - Capacitor Scatterlaser - Capacitor Autolaser - Capacitor Microlaser

Multi-Beamer Node - Tribeamer - PD Beamer 

Pulsed PD Laser - Blaze Gun - Blaze Repeater - Medium Pulsed Laser - Light Pulsed Laser

Voltigeur ASM-5 - Chasseur Multi-ASM Launcher - Voltigeur ASM-3

Traceur MRM Family - Marteau MLRM Pod - Frappeur Torpedo Family

Jongleur ESAD Family - Perforator/Katyusha Perforator

Hellrider Family - Hedgehog Pod - Itano AMM Family - Grad TBM-4
[spoiler=DME Stations]

Orbital Power Tether - Commercial Station - Peremohy Highport - Lavoisier Base - Outpost
[spoiler=Exploration (spoilers)]

Low-grade Sigma Matter
Discover and make use of Sigma Matter - an exotic, high-energy substance that has a variety of appilcations, coveted by DME scientists and by others for a variety of purposes.
[spoiler=Sigma Matter]

(partial implementation - turn it in for a reward via unique characters at Lavoisier Base and La Reole Polis)[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Sigma Tech Ships]

Alauda - Brave Blade[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Sigma Tech Weapons]

Sigma Zone Defense - Sigma E-Shell Barrage - Sigma Buster Cannon - Sigma Phase Blaster - Sigma Stingbeam

S-Mine Discharger - Shatterlight Rocket Pod - Lens HDEM Missiles[/spoiler]

Hardened Warning Beacon
Fight the Blade Breakers, an AI-enslaved faction with shadowy motives and unclear goals, designed around doing mobile-alpha-damage trickery right back to you - with interest. Blow up their ships, salvage their bases for loot, and steal their gear - their weapons are highly effective, and some of their AI-controlled drone ships can be used as auxiliaries in your own fleets. 
Blade Breakers spawn in a single fixed constellation to the galactic South, with optional procedural spawns that you can enable in the settings file. Look out for special, hardened warning beacons with unique intel icons.
[spoiler=Blade Breaker Ships]

Spearhead - Warlock - Black Lancer - Imp

Black Hand - Devil Ray - Sparrowhawk - Curse - Snake Eye 

Lycosid - Iridium - Hellion - Focuser - Firespray
[spoiler=Blade Breaker Weapons]

Shellback AC - Electron Bolt Projector - Shellshocker Magnacannon - Shell Hawk UAC - Slicer HMG

Smart-Plasmid Mortar - Heavy Plasma Bolter - Plasma Bolter - Plasma Scatter PD

Degeneration Cycler - Twinjack Burst Slicer - Jackal Burst Slicer[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Blade Breaker Campaign Entities]

Mining Base - Research Base - Training Base

Acolyte - Preceptor

Secure Data Storage
(implementation pending)[/spoiler]

Sigma Tech Blueprint
And keep a look out for a deserter from their ranks - you never know what goodies they might bring with them... (in-progress)
[spoiler=Deserter Ships]

Ifrit - Sparrowhawk (prototype) - Bladewood

Slammer - Crasher - Curse (prototype) - Reef - Cargo Rig (large)

Onychomys - Imp (proto) - Demon - Star Sylph (refit) - Tempest (refit) - Lilin - Cargo Rig (small)

Skink - Bantam - Arcite - Fire Beetle - Brisance - Spooky
[spoiler=Deserter Weapons]

Cryophase Cannon Family - Cryoparticle Accelerators

Electron Torpedo Family - Calliope Missile System - Streak Missile Family[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Story (spoilers)][size=18pt]NOT YET IMPLEMENTED[/size]
-under construction- [/spoiler]
Includes six new player flags: