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Improves Civilian Fleets so using them doesn't feel like a huge chore

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This is Jason Rhodes original mod updated to work with the latest version of SPG Warlords.

From the original Steam mod page:
Duration of civilian fleet tasks has been increased by 2x. 
Resource reward amount has been increased by 3x. 
Credit reward amount has been increased by 5x.

Fixed an issue with the base game that was not properly calculating task duration (all tasks had a base duration of 100 * # of fleets required). Research and player upgrades were not affecting duration as they should. 

When applying the mod to an existing savegame, let your tasks expire naturally for a while before attempting to complete them. The mod, when loaded for the first time, assumes there are 0 tasks in progress, and it will add tasks as normal on top of your existing tasks which can cause a surplus of tasks (which you may notice spawning in the The Gallows region). 

Anyone who wishes to update, expand, or integrate this mod into a new release has my permission to use my existing code to do so. No contact or notation required. Enjoy.
I've put this up here instead of Steam because I have the game on GOG and am not a huge fan of Steam Workshop anyway. I have not yet reduced the number of civ fleet tasks but would like some feedback on whether you think they should be cut down or not.

This has been tested on v1.410.0.

To install, just put the .swgma file into a "Mods" directory in the install folder. If there isn't a Mods folder there, just create one. You should then see this mod show up in the Mods list in the game launcher.