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This is a console script that alternates with a single button between walk and jog with more normal speeds

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I was tired of my character walking too slow but jogging too fast, so I made this script that modifies the speedmult value of the character alternatively so it matches your button press between walk and jog, that way each one will have a more in line speed. This is merely a band-aid fix, still uses console commands but now the console isn't shown.

You should setup 2 keys in your Toggle Always Run binding for the game so you can quickly fix an issue.

   1. paste the "StarfieldConsole.ini" and the "StarfieldCustom.ini" in your \Documents\My Games\Starfield folder
        but only if you dont have those files already, if you do, you will need to add the following lines to your existing files:


StarfieldConsole.ini below the [Hotkeys] part
Caps Lock=if player.getav speedmult < 125;player.setav speedmult 125;elseif player.getav speedmult >= 125;player.setav speedmult 80;endif

    2. Setup your Main and Alt keys:

As you can see in the image, I have caps lock as my Main key and J as my Alt Key, the main key is what you are going to use to alternate between Walk and Jog, and the Alt key is simply to quickly fix any desync issue you have (when you are walking too slow or jogging too fast).

if you do not wish to use different keys than those then you are done, otherwise continue reading 

To change the keys you will have to modify this part of the script with a notepad, just open "StarfieldConsole.ini

 in here, just replace "Caps Lock" with whatever key you want to use as Main key, after that save the file and close. The Alt key can be whatever you want in game binding, only the Main key needs to match both the binding in game and the StarfieldConsole.ini


Single keys
if you use single keys (J,K,L,etc) they need to be capitalized.

Key modifiers
Shift,Ctrl,Alt, etc.

you can combine these with single keys like: Shift-Q, Ctrl-T, Alt-2, etc.

NumPad0, NumPad1 to NumPad9, NumPad*, etc.

Mouse Keybinds:
Mouse1,Mouse2,Mouse4, etc.

Credits to PantACRO4life since i learned to do this thanks to them