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Fixes custom 3D models broken by the Starfield 1.11.33 major update in a couple clicks.
Updates .nif files - individually or in bulk - containing references to vanilla meshes prior to 1.11.33,
Now with (basically) full coverage - 99.9947%

Permissions and credits
Starfield 1.11.36 Renamed Mesh Migration Tool

Repairs .nif files broken by the Starfield 1.11.33 update - individually or in bulk.


0.1.3-alpha: Newly processed mapping file covers 323,099 meshes - 99.9947% of all meshes referenced in nifs the entire game. Only 17 unmapped. No code changes.
(Unless there are significant bugs or issues, this is basically feature complete)

0.1.2-alpha: This is the one you've been waiting for. See mod changelog for details - You can now run it on a folder tree, in bulk. It's kinda cool to watch - unintended benefit. We have detailed logging and reporting on number of updates as well as number of unmapped meshes. That's right. You can now be almost certain that if the tool says there were no unmapped paths, your model is completely fixed. No additional work.

0.1: Included a custom version of NifSkope that should be capable of _actually_ repairing most models that will break. Source code is available here:

There is an automated build process under actions where you can find other platforms, but you will need the data file mentioned in the readme.

That's right. It is one .nif at a time, but It actually works and produces otherwise unaltered .nifs. It even tells you how many it updated - harder that one would have expected... but I knew you would ask 😊.


Current stats (v 0.1.3-alpha):
99.9947% 1:1 match rate. (Some are not referenced, or may be from generated generated lod .nifs)
Of all the meshes referenced in standard nif files, there are only 17 unmapped.

Old game total mesh count: 356,156 (315,534 readable)
New game total mesh count: 356,060 (315,650 readable)
(There are 96 fewer meshes in 1.11.33)

- Updates .nif files individually or in bulk to ensure compatibility with game versions past 1.11.33
- Bulk mode recursively scans for all .nifs in and under a folder and processes them

1. Download the Starfield .nif Mesh Path Migration Tool.
2. Open the nifskope-sf-mesh folder and run nifskope.

- The many talented and dedicated individuals working on NifSkope -- this tool is now basically a NifSkope plugin so more credit to them than I.
- Used components of the Starfield Geometry Bridge - Blender Plugin  to develop and scan the source files -- we wouldn't have much custom anything without it and it really is fabulously written code
- ChatGPT for assistance translating my CSharPython'glish code into functional, documented Python.
- All the rest goes to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ - for without Him I am nothing.

By downloading and using this tool, you agree to absolve the author of any liability for spontaneously transforming hair into sentient spaghetti, exploding He-3 tanks, or attacks by Spacers. Mesh-related mishaps may occur, as the JSON serializer is not able to read all the vanilla nifs.

Known Issues / TODOs:
- Dialogs are not suppressed during bulk processing and cannot be dismissed until complete. It is annoying, but doesn't seem to impact functionality.
- It should not be necessary for nifskope to fully load and render each file - I just couldn't get saves to work if I didn't and I was in a hurry. Someone familiar with the project could likely optimize the performance dramatically.
- Add utility for performing quick manual lookups
- Add utility for renaming modified .mesh files
- Help implement a means of preventing this in the future