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Simple quality of life mod. Makes laser sights on weapons better visible. Especially in the dark. See colors and examples in description!

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Better Laser Sights Mod

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest mod! 

While I was working on my next weapon mod, I realised I would like laser sight to be more visible. So I came to idea to make this separate mod. 
This mod changes all laser sights in the game to be more visible. Beam size is bigger. Please see video below and images section to see each color! 

I hope you like it & see you all soon!


I am working on Starfield last 5 months every day minimum 5 hours a day. And as you all know, life in general is hard today.  If you want to support me financially, donations are greatly appretiated! At least for basic needs so I can focus more on adding content!


1. Download with manager or manually.

2. All you need to make sure is that Meshes folder is inside my documents.
It should look like this:
Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\meshes\effects\weaponfx **nifs here**

Make sure your StarfieldCustom.ini has this:

" [Archive]
sResourceDataDirsFinal= "

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Video example: