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A Hardcore ship damage control system. Ships no longer auto repair when damaged. Subsystems now require unique consumables to fix. Ship Vendor repair services now fix all subsystems at inflated costs.

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Immersive Ship Damage (Damage Control) is a hardcore ship damage and repair system that completely overhauls the ship repair system.
Ships no longer self repair and require unique consumables to repair your ship. 

Subsystems can only be repaired from inside your ship, or if you have crew members.
Hull damage can only be repaired when the ship is on the ground. 

Don’t have the proper repair kits, scavenge poi’s for the parts you need to fix your systems. 

Repair kits have been changed to shield batteries, they no longer fix the hull. They will restore the ships shields. Using shield batteries cause damage to the ship shield generator subsystem so use them sparingly.

Ship Services Vendor will offer full repairs for all systems at much higher rates. 

This mod is a sister mod/expansion of Ships Need Gas (and other immersive systems).
If you are using both mods please ensure you are running version 2.1 or higher as there are script amalgamating between these two mods.

Current limitations is the hud button for repair kits. I recommend using ship hud tweaks and setting the button to enable at 99 hull health.

Patches for ships use ammo, and ships need gas included in the main download. This is so ship vendor services use the same container and have all items for the mods.