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Turns all Starfield textures into 128bit size. For if your PC is so old you need all the help you can get or just for fun.

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Does your PC have 1gb of Vram? Is it so old your grandpa used it to play Morrowind? Or do you hate high resolution textures and want to get rid of them? Try this mod out and see if it works for you!

256bit version available now

16 bit version in misc files


Step 1: Download the BA2 and Starfield.ini file

Step 2: Extract PotatoMode.BA2 to your starfield Data folder (The BA2 file should be inside the Data folder)

Step 3: Extract/Place starfield.ini in your root folder (where the .exe is) and overwrite. (Alternatively you can simply add these lines to your existing ini file, PotatoMode.ba2 goes at the end of this line)

sResourceIndexFileList=Starfield - LODTextures.ba2, Starfield - Textures01.ba2, Starfield - Textures02.ba2, Starfield - Textures03.ba2, Starfield - Textures04.ba2, Starfield - Textures05.ba2, Starfield - Textures06.ba2, Starfield - Textures07.ba2, Starfield - Textures08.ba2, Starfield - Textures09.ba2, Starfield - Textures10.ba2, Starfield - Textures11.ba2, Starfield - TexturesPatch.ba2, PotatoMode.ba2

Step 4: Enjoy a potato world!

You may have to re-compile your shaders which you can read about here:

Uninstallation: Remove PotatoMode.BA2 from the data folder and erase the line added at the end of sResourceIndexFileList= or delete starfield.ini and verify steam files.

Tools used: BAE