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Gives packaged Chunks see-through packaging.

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Chunks are great.  I love Chunks.  We all love Chunks.
But how come Chunks chose to hide their glorious Chunks in opaque packaging?
Wrapped or unwrapped, I want to see a Chunk.  We all do, of course.
No freshness-preserving packinging should get in the way of that.

Show me those Chunks.


Maxie for their Starfield Material Exporter - allowed me to find and view existing materials and create new ones
DarthSidious666 for their "Custom Material for Starfield" guide - helped me modify existing materials
The NifTools team for NifSkope - allowed me to change the materials referenced by .nif files
Bethesda devs for already including the appropriate Chunk models under the packaging.


Care to watch these delectable packs cascade from a vending machine?  I knew it, we all would of course.
Fortunately for us, there's Vend Unto Floor.