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About this mod

Replaces the built-in version of FSR2 with DLSS3 + DLSS-G to enable Frame Generation.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the game's native FSR2 implementation with DLSS along with implementing support for Frame Generation.
A built-in but optional sharpening pass is also provided through Nvidia Image Scaling (NIS).

IMPORTANT: While the Frame Generation portion of the mod requires a RTX 40-series graphics card to function, the rest can be used with any card that supports DLSS.

How to install:
- Download the latest release.
- If you are not using any other mods/mod managers/ASI loaders:
- Extract it into the game directory.
- If you are already using an ASI loader (like SFSE ASI Loader):
- Extract and place FSR2Streamline.asi in the folder your ASI loader loads from.
- Extract and place the 'streamline' folder in the game directory. (next to Starfield.exe)

- Download both the latest DLSS and DLSS Frame Generation DLLs and place them in the 'streamline' folder in the game directory.
Download links to the DLLs are provided below:
DLSS Frame Generation:
- Launch the game.

NOTE: If you like the mod and appreciate the work I release for free, please do consider supporting me on Patreon or buymeacoffee.
Also I'd like to give a special shoutout to the two people that tested this mod. I do not personally have a 40-series GPU, and as such them testing it for me and providing feedback made this release possible.

If you already have FSRBridge installed:

To get to your game directory:

How to configure:
  - Enable FSR2 (which is now replaced by DLSS) in the in-game settings.
  - Use the regular in-game settings resolution slider and dynamic resolution option to configure DLSS.
  - (Optional, only relevant if using the included sharpness pass) Use the sharpness slider to configure image sharpness.
  - You can also adjust motion blur (I recommend halving it), film grain and others to improve image quality. 

To further improve image quality, you can change the mip-map bias used by the game. For more info, see this mod (Upscaling Fix - FSR - DLSS - XeSS).

If you want to use ReShade and are having trouble with it, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

You can configure various settings for this mod by starting the game once then editing the config.json/FSR2Streamline_config.json (both names work) file in the game directory.
An explanation of the settings is provided below:

Also, please note that this mod is still in development and that bugs and/or other graphical issues may occur.

Third-Party Libraries used:
- MinHook
- Ultimate ASI Loader (to inject FSR2Streamline.asi).
- NVIDIA Streamline
- nlohmann::json for parsing the config file
- sapeaob