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Allows the player to see locked skill descriptions without having to open their respective levelling trees. No more "Spend 4 more points in A to unlock B".

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Starfield Visible Skill Descriptions

See locked skill descriptions without having to open it's levelling menu
There's quite a few things that Starfield UI is lacking, but the thing that bugged me the most is not having the ability to instantly see what skills I will be getting later on in the game, which is quite important for character build planning. The base game forces you to double click a locked perk to access the levelling menu for it to see the perk's description to find out what it does. With this mod, that will no longer be neccessary.


1. Enable modding:
- If you haven't already, create a file named `StarfieldCustom.ini` in the following directory: `Documents/My Games/Starfield`, where StarfieldPrefs.ini is located.
- Add the following text to StarfieldCustom.ini:

2. Install with Vortex, or install manually:
- Extract the zip into the Data folder, located in your steam/windows store game directory. If this doesn't work, and the StarfieldCustom.ini file is valid, try putting it into the Documents/My Games/Starfield/Data directory instead, for some users that worked instead.



The mod changes the skillsmenu.swf files, so any mods that attempt to alter the perk/skill menu will overwrite this mod's functionality depending on which you install first. Unfortunately, AFAIK until the Creation Kit is released, this behaviour will stay this way.

If you find mods that are incompatible with this and would like a compatibility patch, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate.

StarUI Inventory
As of StarUI v1.0.4, the two mods are compatible. I don't imagine they would ever become incompatible, as the scopes of both mods do not overlap (StarUI modifies all the inventory UI files, while this mod only modifies the Skill Tree UI)
[StarUI v2 tested, still working together]

If you would like your language added for this mod, drop a comment! It would be helpful if you could also add how the translation in your language should be, following the format of [Spend 1 more point] [Spend N more points]



Thank you to Thyworm for the mention in his review series :)

TheLastPioneer - Development
Tenaryth - QA
HJNKBO - German Translation