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Adds a new piece of equipment that adds the Starborn Guardian Cloaking effect to your ship.

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 This Mod uses a Perk. Perks are very finicky and don't like being edited. That being said, any updates, if at all needed, will require starting a New Game (NOT NG+) or reloading an OLD SAVE before this mod was added. I tested, doing a player.remove perk does NOT remove the effect of the perk! This is a requirement of how the effect works and I did extensive testing to figure this out cloning how the Vanilla Com Spike, Conduction Grid, and Starborn Guardian Cloaking works. It took me 3 full days of testing; from the time I got up to when I went to bed late at night to figure it all out. The first day alone was a total wash when I realized I had to load a clean save every time I made a change to the perk for it to take effect. The Perk is loaded into your character when you add it. Once you have it, that's it. Updates to the Perk will not take effect from my testing after you character has it. I have tried player.remove perk and my ship still had the effect. So, at that point I decided I would not release the mod until it was 100% completed as it has to be a 1 and done mod. There will be no updates to the mod unless a real critical bug is found as the update WILL require loading an old save or starting a New Game (NOT NG+). So, I suggest making a backup of your save just in case and do as much testing right away on it to make sure no one finds any bugs. 

For this to work, you will need to add the perk manually. The Com Spike/Conduction Grid/Starborn Guardian Cloak all use Perks that have conditions and I copied a Conduction Grid/Com Spike method of how it works. Open the console with ~ and do a <Help "Ship Cloaking"> search without the <>'s to find the Perk ID and then do a player.addperk XX000810. The X's will change based on your load order!

What does this mod do?

Adds a new piece of equipment that adds the Starborn Guardian Cloaking effect to your ship., which uses the Com Spike model to apply a condition to turn the Cloak effect on and off. In my testing, a new ship will not have the effect until you add the "Cloaking Shield" found under equipment to a weapon slot. If you delete said equipment, you will lose the effect as well. As this is a bit OP effect. It is expensive but I left it open to all to use, aka it has no restrictions to show up in the list. Maybe I will make a restricted version if people really want one. 


This mod is mostly new records with the exception of the SpaceshipPartSummedValues entry. As such, it will conflict with mods that also edit this value such as APOGEE - Starship Combat Overhaul at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community ( as an example.

xEdit Note

This is an ESM Mod made with xEdit so gets the obligatory Experimental xEdit Mod Warning and requires Plugins.txt Enabler at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community (!