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Massive DLC sized outpost expansion
5000+ custom additions and changes to enhance the experience of outposts.

New items in every category, thousands of decor items, uncut content, new crafting stations, over 100 new research projects, snappable walls, floors, and more!
Customization menu allows various settings and visible re

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I enjoy the outposts, but really they leave much to be desired. Once setting up a massive network of every resource, I found myself looking for stuff to do with them, and other than weapon/armor mods, there wasn't much left to do other than sell it all. Even the decorations become repetitive when setting up 20+ outposts.

In addition to many quality of life changes, this mod aims to add many more uses for resources and various other items in your outposts with additional and useful resource sinks. New crafting stations, uncut outpost content, over 5,000 new decoration items, 100+ research projects, and an additional tier of modules are available to unlock. As well as a number of unique features and modules to enhance your building experience.

Various non-outpost related perks may be required to build certain features, such as Research Methods, Zoology, Weapon Engineering; it only makes sense that as you learn new things you have new ideas for your home as well.

Many of the setting can be modified and any items disabled with a new settings menu on outpost beacons.

Below is a wall of text with the majority of the features, additional details can be found in the downloadable ReadMe throughout the changelog.


  • Increases the size of outposts by 100%.
  • Removes the build limit from outposts.
  • Greatly reduced the snapping radius of most items to allow for less annoying construction.
  • Increased the maximum foundation height for most items. Should make it easier to build on angled terrain, especially mountains and hills.
  • The outpost menu has been decluttered by adding sub-menus for more items, as well as additional categories to help keep decorations manageable.
  • Attaches a new script to the outpost beacon that should clear away any hazards in your outpost.
  • Wider range of use for things like foundations and land platforms, allowing construction on top of them, building in water, controlled height, etc.
  • Adds Unity support by randomizing sets of items each NG+, for example each playthrough will have 20 benches, with variations on colors and occasionally models. These sets can manually be enabled or disabled at the beacon menu.

  • Main research project "Independent Research" begins the new level of technology, and is required to unlock most of the other research projects with the exception of a few. It is designed to be end game/NG+.
  • About a dozen other research projects unlocking various features of the mod.
  • Additional research projects designed to be resource and mineral sinks with lasting boosts.
  • The cut manufactured content has been uncut, each with a builder. The manufactured resources are used for a number of items and research throughout the mod, and can also be used to complete supply quests that Bethesda forgot to cut when they cut the items.
  • Craft thousands of vanilla and new decorative, structural, and other clutter.
  • Recruit workers and civilians to your outposts.
  • Set up trade authority contracts and build vendor kiosks at your outposts.
  • Control and modify the environment with plantable flora, trees, atmosphere generators and gravity generators. 
  • Outposts can have an income, allowing an additional source of credits.
  • Flora and fauna is now unrestricted, increasing available resource locations. Any flora or fauna native to a planet can be farmed at the proper station.

  • Increases the capacity for extractors, Small=60, Medium=90, Large=125. 
  • Decreases the required distance between extractors to 10.
  • Nanoextracters - Can create and dispatch burrowing nanites that can retrieve resources from anywhere on a planet. This process is much (much) slower than direct harvesting, and the devices require a large power supply in addition to being expensive. Only one can be built per outpost.

  • Added Ammo printer.  Can print most ammunition using an amount of various resources equal in value to the bullet, rounded up (you will profit more selling the raw resources then crafted ammo)
  • Added Matter Converters which allow you to upgrade raw inorganic resources to their next rarity. There is a seperate converter for gas, liquid, and solids. (Resources available to convert are based on your geology skill.)
  • Added Food Synthesizer.  Can convert nutrients, fiber, and water into various raw ingredients.
  • Added Organic Synthesizer.  Can convert various organics to higher level resources.
  • Added explosives fabricator, which can build any explosive, and can even construct some grenades that were only in mine form before.
  • Defabricator: Can breakdown misc objects, weapons, armor, and apparel into raw resources.
  • Refineries can process raw ingredients into ingots, which can be used for crafting. 
  • Automated chem crafting station can create any chem in the game.
  • Automated med crafting station can create any medicine in the game.

  • Power output increased by x2.5 for all devices.
  • New Carbon Fueled Generator - Slightly less effective, but considerably cheaper resource cost compared to a Helium powered generator. Powered by Fiber.
  • Solar Panels - Higher output then arrays, but more expensive and less durable.
  • Advanced Reactor - Expensive, high-output, and compact reactor.
  • Caelumite Reactor: Highest tier reactor, massive power output.
  • Various aesthetic options for reactors.

  • Moved decor storage containers to this category, and increases their storage capacity x 10.
  • Increases the capacity of storage containers (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Warehouse) to Small=500, Medium=1000, Large=1500
  • Increases the capacity of Transfer Cargo to 2500. It's capacity will further increase when researching matter compression technology.
  • The transfer containers capacity is further increased by completing research projects.
  • Added Custom Storage, high-tech storage that has a massive capacity of 5,000. It's the same size as small storage, and can accept any resource.
  • Additional research can be completed to unlock larger storage devices now.
  • Inter-Link Storage: A storage container that can share its contents from any outpost with an Inter-Link Storage container.

  • Multiple new foundations have been added with a variety of flavors.
  • Habs have been broken down into individual pieces with custom snap points, you can construct habitats in almost any shape you want.
  • Additional prefabricated habs and pieces have been added.
  • Habs have several different color options.
  • Custom snap catwalks, stairs and ramps have been added.
  • Stairs, platforms, walls and fences allow you to construct dwellings not requiring air locks.
  • Dozens of new prefabricated buildings, from slums buildings to skyscrapers.

  • Coffee brewer - able to brew coffee, tea, and other select drinks.
  • Weapon Construction Bench - able to craft the basic weapons in the game, with quality appropriate to player level.
  • Fabrication Bench - basic construction bench, able to craft useful items, craft specific resources, and open some contraband crates.
  • Textile Workbench: Can re-level unique spacesuits, helmets, and backpacks to the players current level. (Will lose modifications) (requires rank1 spacesuit engineering)

  • Increased the health and armor of turrets.
  • Increases the default number of turrets to 20.
  • Added camera npcs. -They don't do anything, but they look cool.
  • New Flame Turrets MK I, II, III.
  • New additional "Tik" turrets MK II, III.
  • Machine Turret - High speed ballistic turrets.
  • Mining Turret - High-DPS turrets with less durability than most turrets.
  • Emitter Array - Creates a pacification field in a large area, preventing wildlife from attacking. Can be reversed to raise their aggression.


  • Increased the health, defense, speed, and energy of Security Minibots. They shouldn't hold still much anymore, and will "patrol" more often.
  • Increases the health and armor of all other robots.
  • Increases the maximum number of robots to 15.
  • Android - Humanoids with perks, which will require you to arm them, as they are created without gear. There are 3 economic and 4 security specialists. Upgrade modules can be created and given to androids to increase or give them a new skill.
  • Model S - I like the lil doggy bots, so I added some more, these higher level Model S' are faster and deadlier.
  • Mechas - Large robots, they are slow moving, but hard-hitting and durable. Several are available, with each having a different specialization.


  • New category requiring research to unlock, this is bare bones at the moment, but will be expanded further.
  • Xeno-Pets: Non-Agressive alien creatures that can populate your outpost. They should be ignored by most attackers and wildlife.
  • Xeno-Guardians: Outpost defenders with high life and defense, that will very aggressively defend your base.


  • Added in the majority of furniture from the game that couldn't be built to the builder.


  • Decoration has been split into 4 categories to help keep the organization optimal: Landscaping, Interior Decor, Exterior Decor, and Hanging Decor.
  • A new mirror has been added, which will allow you to edit your characters appearance from any outpost.
  • Added bulldozers, marker placements that will clear the selected area of trees and large rocks, and a bulldozer that can clear out hazards.
  • Added custom frames, by renaming your screenshots to overwrite the provided blanks at textures/photos/customframes you can have custom photos at your outpost.
  • Almost every static in the game can be constructed as decor now.(5000+) Without letting any of the building lists get too long.
  • Almost every tree can be grown.
  • Grow local flora to conveniently harvest resources when visiting your outposts.
  • New wall decor and posters 150+


  • *Moved the Armillary to the misc category*
  • Increases the capacity of cargo links to 3000.
  • Scan Boooster have been overhauled, and will function anywhere on the planet its constructed on.
  • Increases the number of cargo links to 24.
  • Increases the number of landing pads to 2.
  • Changed how the Shipbuilder Landing Pad is created. It now starts much closer to the ground, and the height can be controlled when placing (like habs)

  • Faction Mission Terminals when they are available for use. (Crimson Fleet, UC SysDef, Freestar Rangers, Ryujin Industries, and Stroud Eklund)
  • Trade Authority vendor kiosk with purchasable contracts to allow the kiosk to sell items or increase its credit pool
  • Settled Systems Employment Terminal - Recruit workers, security, and civilians to your outpost.
  • SSNN news broadcast terminals and radios with station options.
  • Added Custom Scanner, with a massive range, it should reach anywhere you can walk to from your outpost.
  • Teleport pads will allow you to instantly move between two points in your outpost. (within same outpost)
  • Advanced ship builder has access to any starship parts currently available to the player.
  • Gravity Generator allows you to control the gravity in your oupost.
  • Atmosphere Generator create a breathable area around your outpost.
  • Shield generators can cut the damage dealt to anything within the shield bubble by half.
  • Atmosphere deionizer: Prevents hazardous weather.


  • Increases the number of mannequins to 99.
  • Real Mannequins - Lifelike mannequins that the player can modify the appearance of. 13 male and 13 female models each able to save a different face, and using the players currently installed human bodies.
  • Additional display cases added.



Incompatible with mods that alter the vanilla outpost data. Mods that add new data, (such as new buildable items) should be fine.
Complimented by my Portable Outpost Modules (be sure to download the OUT version or there will be inconsistencies)
Includes my Outpost More Mission Boards Add-On, nothing will happen if you have both, but that one is no longer necessary unless you just want the Mission Board.
I Highly recommend reading what the mod adds, or installing the mod and looking around at the mod before installing other Outpost mods, most small outpost mods are redundant with OUT+ installed. 

1. Use mod manager to install normally or manually extract the plugin to your mod directory
2. Add "*OUT-OutpostsPlus.esm" without quotes to your plugins.txt


Plugin.txt Enabler

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