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Adds a new accessory that improves environmental hazard resistence, now you can show off your coolest armor without risking your toes to frostbite!

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  • German
Have you ever went on an expedition in some super cool armor sets from a new mod, only to simutaneously gain lung damage, internal bleeding and frostbite because the environmental hazard resistance is bad? Well you can enhance those resistance with this mod!

This mod adds a new "armor" called Environmental Seal which unsurprisingly provides environmental hazard protection. It is grouped under spacesuit category, but the seal itself neither occupy any armor slot nor attach visible armor to your character, so you can equip the seal with any spacesuit/helmet/backpack/apparel you want!

Armor details
The environmental seal has a base 15 resistance for all 4 kinds of hazards. It also comes with 3 mod categories providing further benefits:
  • Quality: 4 levels of quality (Commercial, Industrial, Military, Prototype) providing +0, +5, +15, +25 to all 4 resistances
  • Design: 6 mods providing +20 to 2 of the resistances of your choice
  • Specialization: 5 mods providing +25 to a specific hazard resistance, at the cost of other attributes:
  • Airborne Specialization: additional filters make breathing a bit harder (-5% O2 Recovery)
  • Corrosive Specialization: galvanized plating raises thermal conduction rate as well (-10 thermal resistance)
  • Thermal Specialization: extra paddings confines your movement a bit (-3% movement speed)
  • Radiation Specialization: extra lead plates means extra weight (+5 mass)
  • Mobility Specialization: improves mobility (-2.5 mass and +3% movement speed) results in worse protection (-5 for all 4 resistance)
Most mods are unlocked by default, with the 2 best quality mods and Mobility Specialization requiring Spacesuit mod 1 research project (because they are fairly OP). Industrial Grade quality mod delivers basic preformance with only basic materials, Military Grade quality mod and Design mods require mostly common to rare materials in exchange for decent improvement, while Prototype quality mod and Specialization mods demand exotic and unique resources for even further boost. Hopefully this difficulty curve makes an engaging upgrade route even if you are using it as a vanilla enhancement.

Acquiring the Environmental Seal
Craft at the Industrial Workbench with 1x Reactive Gauge. It really makes sense seeing the item preview!

Put this mod (EnvironmentalSeal.esm) into your load order. 

Despite adding 3 new attach point keywords, this mod will not conflict with other mods that did the same. This mod uses a script to inject 0005F814 <do_ModMenuSlotKeywordList> instead of overriding with a new record, which guarantees its compatibility. yay
If Vortex reports a conflict related to "ExoWarlock_FormListMergeScript.psc", just resolve it by setting one of them overriding all other copies. That file is the script for injection, which I used in my many other mods for the same purpose, and they are the exact same file so it does not matter which one is left.

teenco for the Exile Armor which costs me some toes due to poor hazard protection
ElminsterAU for xEdit