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Decreases the rate at which time passes in-game. 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% vanilla speed options are available.

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I, like sidzero, who made Universal Timescale, think that time passes way too quickly in Starfield. This mod accomplishes almost the same thing as their mod, but is different in two key ways. First and more importantly, this mod retains the 1:3 ratio between the space and ground timescales that exists in the vanilla game. Universal Timescale doesn't do this, and that becomes noticeable while in orbit, when you can see the body you're orbiting moving unnaturally quickly underneath you. The second difference, which is trivial, is that this mod is an ESM plugin rather than a bat file.

Additionally, as I understand it, timescales less than 6 (which would be the 20% version here) can interfere with certain quests and weather patterns. This was problematic in Skyrim and Fallout 4, but it remains to be seen if the same is true in Starfield. The 20% vanilla speed option is still there, but I'd use it with caution. I'd appreciate any feedback on that version from those who choose to try it.

ESM file made using xEdit 4.1.5. Changes the values of fCalendarTimeScaleSpace and fCalendarTimeScaleGround depending on which version you download.

Simply install with your mod manager of choice.
Seriously, please use a mod manager for esm plugins!! (I don't know how to install esm plugins properly otherwise, and mod managers make it so easy anyway)

I'm new to creating mods, so I'd love to hear your comments, feedback, or advice!!
If you need assistance, I can try to help despite my limited, developing understanding of modding.
I have so many ideas for Starfield and am super excited to learn how to make them all!   :D