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Adds the ability for you and your companion to dance anywhere you want. Have a dance party on your ship! Dance on the face of Mars!

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This mod adds the ability for you and your companion to dance anywhere you want. Get wasted in the Astral Lounge and rave all night!  Have a dance party on your ship!  Dance on the face of Mars!  Silly fun. Please see FAQ in the Comments/Posts section for any questions you might have.


When starting the game after install, you will get a new Aid item DANCE automatically added to your inventory. Using this item (best when favorited to a hotkey) will make your character perform 1 of 4 random dances. To stop, simply press a button to exit, like you would any furniture.  In fact, since it's furniture you can WAIT and dance all night if you want to kill time.

Upon using the item you will get another one in your inventory so you never run out. If you happen to lose it, just use the console to get it again; Type HELP DANCE 0 ALCH then PLAYER.ADDITEM X where x = the numeric ID you see next to the aid item.

If you have a companion with you, they will dance as well. Unfortunately they don't play the full animation sequence for some reason, only the first loop, but it's better than them standing around staring at you awkwardly.

If you dance outside of a club, the Astral Lounge music will play and you'll get some disco lights for the full spontaneous club experience.

If you know what you're doing, you can use xEdit or the console to change what music plays by modifying the following global variables:

(0=Astral Lounge, 1=Euphorika, 2=Madam Sauvage's Place)

(1=Lights, 0=No Lights)

If you super duper know what you're doing, you can call the quest function directly using a hotkey, bypassing the need to use an Aid item altogether.

cqf [questID] everybodydancenow


It's advised to install this after you create your character and actually begin the game. I can't be bothered to fully test on a brand new game right now.

If you already know what you're doing, this is just an ESM plugin and a couple of script files, so install it however you install those kinds of mods.

If you're new to modding Starfield it's really tricky at the moment still being a wild frontier, and as such I cannot offer full instructions and support. You'll need to get set up with SFSE, plugins.txt enabler, and possibly Baka Disable My Documents.

The following guides will help you on your modding journey: