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Get rid of the claustrophobic in your face dialogue camera and have it match your characters original FOV. This ini file edit also adjusts the FP and TP fov so if you were looking for that it is a two in one!

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This ini edit in the StarfieldCustom.ini (you can create it/add to it, or download from this mod here) stops the intense dialogue camera zoom so you can have a conversation without having to share bad breath. It also changes the FOV of the character as you want, but you can leave that out if not desired, look at the notes below.

1. Download the zip file and extract the StarfieldCustom.ini file in this mod
- there are comments in the ini explaining what they each do
2. Add the StarfieldCustom.ini in [PathTo]\Documents\My Games\Starfield
- If you already have the StarfieldCustom.ini then copy and add it's contents into your ini folder.
- Make sure Starfield isn't running and you save and exit the file before launching the game
3. Edit the FOV ini values to your preference. They are all at 90 in the file. Just make sure to have the fDialogueCameraFailsafeFPFOV and fFPWorldFO be the same value
- If you want to mess around with the values for your own preference on a FOV for dialogue and gameplay you can go ahead and have at it! 

If you don't want to change the players FOV and just want to use the default then put the fDialogueCameraFailsafeFPFOV to 70 and delete the [Camera] section in the ini file.

It's recommended you have Depth of Field off with this change. If the character is too far away and dialogue is automatically started they will be blurred out. I only ran into this once but sharing as a heads up. 

- This tweak doesn't work when the camera changes to a different speaker (if you know the ini edit to affect this please share :) )
- If you are too far away when dialogue is started and DOF is on you won't be able to see the characters speak