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This mod adds fully functional Outpost Space stations to starfield

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For any Modders. 
I am not currently skilled enough to fix the bugs with the space stations. If anyone would like to help out with it, I'd really appreciate and would obviously share the DonationPoints.

I did not think it could be done, but just 2 months after the game is out, here we have fully working star stations.

Some things can still be buggy, like sometimes being unable to dock. Just add more standard dockers until it works. For me it requires 3 dockers to work.
Also try flying around the station. Sometimes it is a bit buggy and you need to be very close to a docker to be able to dock.
One solution that might work for some is to enter this console command:
setgs fSpaceshipMaxDockingDistance 1000
This increases the docking distance to 1000 meters and might help alleviate some docking issues. 

I am trying to fix these things, but I thought working space stations is better than perfect space stations. So here it is with maybe a few issues to be discovered.

How to use:
Create an outpost. 
Go to the misc section and create the spacestation control pad.
Go to it and walk to the radar. There's a small terminal. 
Click on the terminal and wait 1 second. Then click it again. 
Read the message and click "Modify space station" 
Now the newest ship you got is your space station. Only modify that. Don't modify any others. 
Add at least 3 dockers(make sure they are the standard "Docker"), but I recommend 5.
Exit and save your station as you would with a ship 
Go into space and dock with your station. 

Q: Can I have multiple Starstations? 
A: Yes

Q: Nothing happens when I press it.
A: Press it again.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Build an outpost, go to the misc section, place down the star station builder.

Q: Why is everything free?
A: Cause bethesda did not set any prices, and I can't be bothered to add values to a hundred items.

Q: I can't dock. Why?
A: Explained above. There are some issues with it that I can't seem to fix. Just add more basic dockers until it works. Also try flying closer.
If anyone finds a fix, please let me know.

Q: Why can I not decorate?
A: Decorations despawn whenever you edit any ship or star station, so I left it out for now. But you can use one of the ship editing mods out there to allow for this anyway.

Q: I am stuck after teleporting to the Station!
A: Do not fast travel anywhere else. Use SKK Craftable Ship Tools to teleport to your home ship
A2: Use the failsafe. Item ID is XX00083B, where XX is the ID in your load order for this mod. player.placeatme XX00083b

To Do:
Fix docking 
Working cargo 
Teleport from station to outpost and vice versa (Teleport to station possible)
Mining Ships (In progress)
Cargo transfer to/from outposts 
Unset ship as homeship (Sometimes space stations set themselves as home ships, which cause gamebreaking issues)


Mod Manager install
-Everything should work without issues. Just download and enable it. Though you might need to download and enable Plugins.txt enabler.

Manual install:
- Extract the files and place them into your starfield mygames folder. It should look like My Games\Starfield\Data\StarstationTest.esm
- Download and install Plugins.txt enabler 
- Go to %localappdata%/starfield
- add *StarstationTest.esm to the plugins.txt file.

Video explaining almost everything about starstations

Donation links: