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Dark grey themed textures. Purely a limited scope thematic swap.

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Changes a tiny number of textures to go from white to dark grey.
Not meant to be objectively "better", just a subjective change based on personal taste. The game will lose a little NASA styling but feel more militarist and may be easier on the eyes for night gaming.
The textures have a little noise, a subtle detail layer, and a little more sharpness, but generally this is more a thematic than fidelity texture mod.

The mod is very minimal. However just a few changes go a long way, between the PBR system reusing one metal texture in almost every station, and the new lighting system where dark surfaces change the vibe of a room. There was more I'm capable of changing but I wanted the biggest changes, for smallest filesize, with highest compatibility.

If your mod manager puts the files in the game files folder and it doesn't work, place the included data folder into Documents/My Games/Starfield
Update: There is a fix for this, if you want to keep mods in the game folder e.g. for easier mod manager use. This page explains a known method.

Obligatory make/open StarfieldCustom.ini and add

Stuff I hope to add in priority order:
- That ubiquitous white metal texture that's everywhere, e.g. Nova Galactic ship floors. I spent longer trying to find it than actually playtesting.
- Reduce the metallic/roughness of the now grey metal, I just couldn't figure out which of the many textures it is.
- Look around cities for good textures to swap out.

Well, I said I would make this when I first saw the Deimos staryard in pre-release gameplay and felt it was a little clinical, and I also said I'd mod Starfield asap.

I do take requests. If a texture would benefit from a stylistic change or even an upscale or saturation boost, let me know. Though aside from wondering what's up with that white metal everywhere I'm going to be busy with work and actually playing the game so may not mod much until the CK.

Other dark textures:
UC Marine Retexture - Gray

Mark I - Reimagined

Black Drumbeat With New Suppressor Option