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Adds a few new character creation backgrounds.

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xEdit is still experimental, so this mod may break your save in the future.

Adds 8 (maybe more in the future) new player backgrounds.

Mad Scientist - Perks: Chemistry, Medicine, Research Methods.
Corrupt Politician - Perks: Persuasion, Commerce, Theft.
Disgraced Mayor - Perks: Outpost Management, Outpost Engineering, Commerce.
Lone Ranger - Perks: Isolation, Pistol Certification, Dueling.
Last Action Hero - Perks: Intimidation, Rifle Certification, Demolitions.
Tax Collector - Perks: Pistol Certification, Intimidation, Negotiation.
Cursed Antiquarian - Perks: Commerce, Planetary Habitation, Environmental Conditioning.
The Blade - Perks: Heavy Weapons Certification, Demolitions, Wellness.

Dialogue choices will be added in the future.

1. Install Plugins.txt Enabler
2. Install More (Stupid) Backgrounds a mod manager.