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Craftable inventory activators to hack/steal any ship, call your home ship to you, teleport to your homeship, open homeship inventory, clear inconvenient corpses.

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Craftable inventory activators to hack/steal any ship, call your home ship to you, teleport to your homeship, open homeship inventory, clear inconvenient corpses.

The player automatically gets a regenerating [ Ship Tools menu ] item when the mod starts up. As new game start clears player inventory, craft replacements at any Industral workbench with 1 [ Fe ] iron and any of the other tools you want:

Menu & Tools

(1) Ship Tools Menu: pops a menu to call any of the other functions directly. If you are happy to use the menu you don't need any of the other 'mursive activators so it has an option to enable/disable crafting of the other activators to save your workbench menu clutter.

(2) Ship Tools Open homeship cargo: access homeship cargo inventory from anywhere in the universe. The ability to transfer items will depend on console [ SetGS fMaxShipTransferDistance value ] which defaults to 250 meters.

(3) Ship Tools Teleport to homeship: moves the player to the homeship main cabin from anywhere in the universe.

(4) Ship Tools Call homeship: if outside move 20m from the deployed landing marker to call the homeship. Note you cant call a homeship to the same exterior location twice in a row to avoid crashing the game. If the homeship is 3d loaded the takeoff animation plays, then landing. If in a ship or starstation interior with docking ports your homeship will try to dock.

(5) Ship Tools Hack: Options to craft an AID item or an equippable WEAPON or just use the tools MENU within 5 meters of an [ Inaccessible ]  [ Locked ] [ Unauthorised ] door, ladder or pilot seat and it will make it accessible. Some ships are just static models so cant be hacked. 

(6) Ship Tools Clear corpses: Finds any human corpses within 25m of the player, opens each inventory to check for loot then removes the corpses Use after those messy ship takeovers, or infact anywhere.

(7) Auto register (*Enable / Disable) after hacking or any forced takeover it can hack the registration database to save some caps and offers an [ add to fleet ] option so you dont need to takeoff to own it. Increase your hangar space with console [ SetGS  uSpaceshipMaximumOwnedSpaceships value ] which defaults to 10.

(8) Ship Parts / Repair Kits: are craftable for 10 [Fe] 10 [Al] 10 [cu] 10 [Ni].This does not use rare or unique components as the industrial crafter does not want to remov them from player inventory. Since the components are a lot cheaper than buying/selling kits at vendors you can totally cheese the economy if thats your thing. More EZ than building a jet aurora farm.

Tool activators are actually ingestible/potions which live in AID inventory and regeneratate after each use, so each crafting recipe is only shown if there are none already in player inventory. Assign activators to favorites for quick access. 

Console and Hotkeys

If you don't want more immersive crap in your inventory and prefer to use console commands, BAT files or hotkeys, no problem. Call a global proxy function WITHOUT the ;; semicolon description:



This does not depend on anything at all (like script extenders) except your ability to follow instructions.

(A) Mod Manager Install 

Folllow your chosen mod manager install instructions for ESM files and loose scripts, I'm not getting involved any more. 

(B) Manual Install 


(C) To validate your installation attempt

In a running game copy and paste the text [ between the square brackets ] into the console:

To validate scripts console [ cgf "SKK_ShipToolsQuestScript.GetVersion" 1 ]
To validate the ESM console [ help SKK_ShipToolsQuest 4 quest ]


(1) This is 100% new forms and scripts. As it does not modify any base game content at all, the likelyhood of it CAUSING conflict is zero. If you have issues, just start with your stuff that does hack the base game.

(2) Some mods that hack the UI or manage locks apparently stop inventory screens being activated or displayed including No Lockpick Activate. That is not a conflict, its you installing stuff that breaks base game mechanics.

(3) Yes you can use this along with any other SKK solution that does homeship stuff (Global Script, Universal Stash) because SKK scripts are designed to never conflict. BUT DO NOT REMOVE ANY ACTIVE SCRIPTS FROM A SAVEGAME.

(4) Installing mods disables achievements.

Known Issues

(1) Do not rename the ESM file. The scripts use GetFormFromFile() lookups on fixed file names rather than script properties until Creation Kit releases because technical reasons.

(2) Using activator items that open menu screens direct from aid inventory can sometimes (0.01%) freeze the player when in a ship interior. cell. Reset/fix that by using the aid inventory activator once more and just exit the menu, or console [ player.moveto player ]. If in 3rd person jump to clear the animation. Activating items from favourite keys has zero issues. 

(3) Using Call Homeship with hacked ships or ship parts that mess with the centerpoint can land underground which is 100% on YOU for using hacked stuff. 

With thanks to ...

This early development has been enabled by CHAMPOLLION and CAPRICA Papyrus tools created and maintained by the amazing software engineering talents of Orvid and Nikitalita and of course a public xEdit build from ElminsterAU and team.

The reason why NO MORE CONSOLE BAT FILES ! was in the title: this was the very first ESM created with xEdit/SF1Edit that was authorised to be published for Starfield by ElimisterAU after using it as an extended beta test article.