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A simple way to change the dialogue zoom camera.

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So I've been spending some time tring to fix the zoom of the dialogue camera as for personal preference I don't like it.
I'm by no means an expert modder, but until somebody finds a better solution, you can change the zoom by adding this command to your "StarfieldCustom" .ini file. 

I have uploaded the file with the details in case you don't have it.

How to install:
1. Go to Documents\my games\Starfield
2. Create a file called StarfieldCustom.ini
3. Apply the following variables (Without the spaces, as it seems like the website breaks the entries, so please download the mod file to see the proper text!):

fDialogue Camera Collision Min Percentage =3.5
fDialogue Camera Collision Radius =3.5
fDialogue Camera Failsafe FPFOV =75.0

---- Note: you can tweak them based on your preference, i did put 3.5, but the higher the number the less zoomed in will be, and viceversa.