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Replaces all ships in game with Thomas the Tank Engine. Let's be mature about this now.

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For his crimes against God and his invention of murder, Thomas was smote, thusly. Rejected from Hell and obviously never going to get into Heaven, they say that the Tank Engine has been banished to wander the stars forever, unable to satiate his bloodlust and unable to find peace in his heart. 

But hey he's your spaceship now so that's pretty funny. It always is.
As the name suggests, this first, horrid, undulating iteration replaces all spaceships in game with Thomas the Tank Engine.
Yes that includes the Starborn ship. No I will not apologize. I took time out of working on Underspace to give you you this, so appreciate it.

Now in order to make this work, quite a FEW caveats and compromises had to be made. This replaces every reactor model in the game with Thomas, and so the model itself is centered around said reactor. You might find your ship poking through it from time to time, and that's something you'll need to figure out, alright? Your size problems are YOUR issues.

Secondarily, because we don't have access to material libraries yet, I had to replace some magazine textures with Thomas' textures. Sorry your sexy argonian texture replacers are going to have less priority than this, but if you're installing this mod to begin with we can both agree your life isn't in the best place currently.

Due to the size and shape of Thomas, it can make shipbuilding and flying in third person a big issue. This mod's more of a novelty to begin with, so it's something you have to deal with. Life isn't always fair.

I asked Todd himself several questions about this whole process, like why they decided to put materials in an obtuse database, but he just told me to go back to sleep and not worry about it.

Extract the data folder into wherever screwed up place you want, then copy the files in it over to your Starfield install directory/Data folder. This is a Bethesda game and we've been doing this for twenty years, you know where it goes now.

If you haven't created a custom StarfieldCustom.ini in Documents\My Games\Starfield, do so now and add the lines

Once this is all done correctly, ships will be replaced with Thomas. I'm sorry.

Q: Why just Thomas? Why not Percy?
A: Percy is serving seven consecutive life sentences in a federal supermax prison.

Q: Okay so what about James?
A: The less we say about him, the better.

Q: What about Toby?
A: What the hell is a Toby?

Q: You going to do more for Starfield or is that it?
A: Buckle up homestuck, there's a LOT more stuff coming down the line, and some of it might be serious.