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Astral Lounge Psystrance Club Music replacer, the track is Broken Head by French electronic music duo Tool Assisted Monkeys.

Permissions and credits
BorealUS music is cool but I think the Astral Lounge sounds awesome with a strong Psychedelic atmosphere, akin to the Goa Trance sound, Deep
kick bass included ;) Here is a gameplay video of the mod in action.

This mods features the Psytrance track Broken Head by Tool Assisted Monkeys to replace the Astral Lounge Club Music.

To install :

Add StarfieldCustom.ini to your Starfield mygames folder if it's your first mod.

You can use a mod installer (I'm using Vortex) or install manually.
To install manually add the sound files (there are Six XXXXXXXX.wem files) to your Documents\Mygames\Starfield\data\Sound\soundbanks folder. You can also replace only one track if you've got other Astral lounge tracks and want to Mix the tracks, individual track replacer are available for 6 Astral Lounge Tracks.

To uninstall use your mod organizer or remove manually the Six .WEM files from your data\Sound\soundbanks folder.

Credits : Tool assisted Monkeys are Chilopod and Ilùvatar, go check out their music on Soundcloud and YouTube.

I don't Own the Copyright, I have authorization from the artists to share their music.

Compilation: Tryptamine Wizardry by Mystical Voyager, Released 2019-09-12, Visionary Shamanics Records

Tools used: BAE and Wwise

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