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Replaces Barrow knife with an Energy Sword

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A simple weapon replacer for the barrow knife that swaps it for an Energy Sword. No sounds as of right I haven't dug into how to replace those just yet and i imagine it would replace sounds for other melee weapons as well... and we dont want that now do we?

This was mostly a personal replacer until someone with actual talent makes a quality one when the tools are more widely available. I imagine other people want an ES in their game though so here ya go.

Version 2.0
-fixed a bug where the sword was silver due to an incorrect file path
-replaced the digipick with an actual handle
-updated placement to be held in the hand the right way (due to the base animations it doesnt look like how the energy sword is supposed to be held
but doesn't clip as much now)
-Changed the material to a glow that better fits in my opinion


-Some objects may be visible through the blade
-The Glow isn't always "glowy" depends on the environment
-Contact point is off since its the model is larger and rotated but its hardly noticeable
-Digipick handle :3


-Put the data folder in 'Documents>My Games>Starfield' or your steam directory if using 'BDMGF'
-Edit your Starfieldcustom.ini if you haven't already

Big thanks to multiple members in the Starfield Modding discord for helping me figure out how to do this.

Made using Starfield Geometry BridgeNifskope and Blender