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Temple "puzzles" automatically complete in less than 15 seconds without collecting any orbs. Just step into the ring!

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No More Temple Puzzles

Seamlessly complete temple puzzles upon entering the temple. No other action is necessary, you don't have to collect any orbs. Just step into the ring!


Do not load a save where you are inside a temple.


Install using Mod Organizer 2.5. If you're feeling adventurous install using Vortex.


Copy the .pex file in <USER>\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data\Scripts or <STARFIELD_INSTALL_DIR>\Data\Scripts if you have enabled loading mods from the Game Data folder. You need to have loose files enabled.


This is done by editing the Temple script and completely removing puzzles.

Source code is on bitbucket.


Q: Is this safe?
A: No

Q: But seriously, is this safe?
A: Editing a game script can never be 100% "safe", an update might break this. If that happens in the future you can just save, quit, remove mod, reload, and you should be good to go.