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An AutoHotKey exe script that allows you to cycle weapons using the mouse wheel.

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This is a compiled AutoHotKey script (exe) that allows you to use your mouse's scroll wheel to cycle weapons/items that are favorited in slots 0 through 9.  You don't need to install AutoHotKey for this to work.

How To Use:
  • Place StarScroll.exe anywhere you wish then double click it to start the program. A brief message will appear to let you know it is running, then it will minimize to to the taskbar.
  • Start Starfield as you would normally. This will work even if you are starting Starfield via Mod Manager using sfse_loader.
  • To cycle weapons hold down either the right or left ALT key while using the mouse wheel.

I chose to utilize the ALT key as I do use the mouse wheel in other areas of the game and did not want any potential wheel action conflicts.

  • As stated above, You don't need to install AutoHotKey for this to work.
  • You MUST have weapons and/or items favorited. At the moment, only the hot key numbers 0 through 9 are support. There is NO support for the hot keys [ and ].
  • You are welcome to alter this to fit your keyboard/gameplay style.