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Replace the in-game console with something that works!

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BetterConsole replaces the in game flash-based (like adobe flash, check out scaleform) console with a lightweight ImGui based solution. What this means is that groundbreaking features like selecting and copying text are now available. BetterConsole also automatically saves all entered commands and output of all commands to a file automatically. BetterConsole comes with a HUGE character limit for output of 2,936,435 characters (the number of characters in War and Peace). Now you can type a command like "Help Key" and actually see all items in the game with key in the name. You can search both your previous command history as well as the output of previous commands with instant search toggleable with the TAB key. The normal up/down arrows to cycle history are here as well. BetterConsole also comes with a stop-gap mod menu API for other mod authors to inject their own menus and widgets. Just press F1 to experience a BetterConsole today!

For SFSE Mod Authors:
You may want to make BetterConsole an optional dependency of your mod to add a mod menu for little effort. Look at betterapi.h in the Source Code for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • This mod just got released, there are no questions :)

Glowing Reviews:
  • "Okay, before someone complains, allow me to be the first." - stavanzer

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