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By removing the green tint fog in game and making the texture more clear, DECENT ReShade gives you more natural images.

It's optimized for gameplay, so it won't cause much performance hit.

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This ReShade preset aims to make the game look more realistic and be playable at the same time. It's optimized for gameplay, so it won't cause much performance hit. In various scenes, it only causes 0~8 fps drop which is a small loss, tested on different hardwares, including PCs with RTX4090, RTX3070, RTX2080. 

Remove the green tint fog.
Make the textures more clear with LumaSharpen, which is better than the sharpness option in game.
Provide a better light/dark contrast through fake HDR.

ReShade 5.9.2 or higher version

1. Download DECENT ReShade. Unzip the file.
2. Put "DECENT ReShade Preset.ini" to the game folder (in the same directory with "Starfield.exe").
3. Download ReShade.
4. Run the Reshade Setup and follow the guide. When it told you to "Select preset to install", choose the "DECENT ReShade Preset.ini" you just downloaded. Then nothing is needed to change, you can click "Next" in every step.
5. (Optional) Adjust the sharpening value to your favourite in game settings. I recommend  set the sharpening to 0, because the LummaSharpen in this ReShade preset is better.

Here's a mod installation tutorial which includes a ReShade part, made by SAMURAI3001:

If you have installed DECENT ReShade, to update to the new version, you just need to replace the file "DECENT ReShade Preset.ini".

For DLSS Users
To make DLSS mod and ReShade work together:
1. After install ReShade, rename the file "dxgi.dll" to "d3d12.dll".
2. Put the "dxgi.dll" from PureDark's DLSS mod to the game folder.

For LUTs Users
If you are using mods replacing LUTs, like Neutral LUTs - No Color Filters, you can choose "DECENT ReShade for LUTs" which does not change the color tint when you download the file.

1. Delete the folder "reshade-shaders".
2. Delete the following files: dxgi.dll, ReShade.ini, ReShade.log, DECENT ReShade Preset.ini.


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