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Keep the gamey feeling, but deal and take more damage. Taking cover is meaningful.

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Important note
-----This game is extremely underwhelming and a big disappointment for me right now that I feel heartbroken and I have no desire to continue modding or playing it.-----

The Idea

People are not sponges, but this is a video game, and they are not paper either. D
eal and take more damage. You will get killed if you're not careful. If you're more proficient with a certain weapon type, it will still be more effective against your enemies.

The Changes

  • Adjusted the inbound/outbound damage multipliers.
  • Adjusted the bonus HP which enemies get per their level to 5.
  • Adjusted the detection cone of enemies from 190 to 160 degrees.

Optional File

Ship combats are less deadly than the original version of the mod, but the player still has higher inbound damage multiplier than vanilla.


  • Drag and drop Intensefield.txt / IntensefieldLessBrutal.txt into Your Game Directory.
  • Drag and drop StarfieldCustom.ini into Documents > My Games > Starfield.


If another mod introduces its own StarfieldCustom.ini, do not replace the file, instead open and edit it to add the name of the .txt file, which you're supposed to place into the game directory, by seperating them with a semicolon like so:

bat Intensefield; bat MySecondMod;

If another batch file changes the same settings remove those changes.


Recommended Difficulty
Set it to Very Hard.

Note: This difficulty won't necessarily make your game more difficult, it's just that the modification was mainly tweaked with Very Hard setting in mind.