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Gets rid of Starfield spongy enemies in the best possible way.

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What does this mod do?
Enemies in Starfield have a lot of health. A lot. Tweaking the damage output will not directly solve the issue. So this mod was born.
This mod sets the fNPCHealthLevelBonus to 0, 5, 10 or 15. (Was 20 before)
Enemies still get more health, even when this is set to 0. This is an added bonus, which they get in addition.

(Mutiple options are available in the download section)

Everytime NPCs gain a higher level, they gain a HP bonus of 20. Thats what makes them spongy. You can double or tripple the damage output, but in the end. The higher you get, the worse it gets again. Low level enemies die instantly, while high level enemies are still spongy.
This mod fixes that.

Example, when you double your damage, you deal 8 damage, instead of 4. The enemy gets 20 health every level. When we assume, that they start with 40 health. At level 10, NPCs already have a health bonus of ~200 additional health from this game setting. So the damage increase won't do much.

Note: The changes only apply to newly spawned enemies, as the old enemies keep their health pool. Only a cell reset can reset their health pool. 

How to install?

The mod comes with 2 files you probably need. One main file and the StarfieldCustom.ini, if you don't already have one.

Game Folder
Move the content of the main mod folder, the LessSpongyEnemies.txt into your Starfield folder, where your Starfield.exe is located.
Example: X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Starfield

If you are a Vortex user, it should work automatically.

Don't rename the LessSpongyEnemies.txt file

Ini Folder
Move the content of the "BetterSprintCosts - StarfieldCustom.ini" download, the StarfieldCustom.ini into your X:\Users\yourUserName\Documents\My Games\Starfield folder

Important If you are already using a mod, which comes with a StarfieldCustom.ini make sure you correct the ini file like this.

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat LessSpongyEnemies;

If you are using multiple stuff in that line, it can look like that

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat LessSpongyEnemies; bat NoCombatMusic; fov 100; 

If you notice, that some other text files with game changing settings no longer get loaded by the game. Merge all of the commands into one text file and add this one to the command line.

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat myNewAllInOneFile; fov 100; 

How to Remove?
Delete the files from the specified folders.

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