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The Great Serpent, Apophis, has quietly spread his influence into the Settled Systems and now you can properly show your devotion!

Replaces tattoo #8 in the character creator with the symbol seen tattooed on the foreheads of Apophis's Jaffa foot soldiers in Stargate SG-1

Permissions and credits
This is a pretty simple image swap, so installation is quick and easy.

As with every other mod, you will need to tell Starfield that it should try to load modded files by making a StarfieldCustom.ini file in your /Documents/My Games/Starfield/ directory (If you haven't already) with the following lines somewhere in it:
Please note: If you already have an [Archive] heading in your project, be sure to place those lines under the existing one rather than creating a new one.

With that in place, extract the Data folder from this mod's .zip file into the same directory as your StarfieldCustom.ini file and you should be good to go.

This mod replaces tattoo #8 in the character creator, so that's the one you'll want to use.  My recommendation is the black color with maximum intensity, but your preferences are your own.