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A pack of reskins for the poncho outfits

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Poncho Reskin Pack
A pack of reskins for the poncho outfit, works for both the poncho outfit with and without the gas mask.

So what's kind of cool about how the textures for clothes are set up in Starfield is that the outfits are made up of multiple different materials, meaning you can mix and match these reskins to your liking, so for example you could mix the Neon Poncho with the Alternate Pants, or the Neon Pants with the Black Poncho, I don't know why you would, but you can :)

Reskins Include:


  • Neon Poncho - A funny poncho for funny people.
  • Red Poncho - Self Explanatory 
  • Brown Poncho - Self Explanatory 
  • Black Poncho - Self Explanatory 


  • Black Shirt - Self Explanatory 


  • Alternate Pants - Basically the vanilla pants but I reversed the color scheme
  • Neon Pants - Funny pants.

Last Minute Notes:

  • When the creation kit comes out I'll attempt to make these skins as separate items in the game, or if possible even attempt to add "apparel modding" in game, or someone else will, I'm sure of it, and when that happens I'll add these skins as apparel mods.

  • It was a headache to sort all this stuff out so it wouldn't surprise me if I made a mistake somewhere and something isn't right, so if somethings wrong, let me know.

Installation: Place the data folder either in your My Games Starfield folder or your Install folder if you have the SFSE plugin that disables the my games folder.

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