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Bat files for EASY CHEATS. 20 files in total to give you Aid, Ammo, Credits, Digipicks, Mass, and XP.

Permissions and credits

Open the console (with the ~ key) and type bat <cheat> to get aid, ammo, credits, digipicks, mass, or XP.
For example, typing: bat lowmoney1 would give you 1000 credits.

  Credits Cheat | Credits Granted | Digipicks Cheat | Digipicks Granted 
  lowmoney1     | 1000            | digi1           | 10                
  lowmoney10    | 10,000          | digi10          | 100               
  lowmoney100   | 100,000         | digi100         | 1,000             
  money1        | 1,000,000       |                 |                   
  money10       | 10,000,000      |                 |                   
  money100      | 100,000,000     |                 |                   
  Mass Cheat    | Mass Granted    | XP Cheat        | XP Granted 
  smallmass     | 500             | xp1             | 1,000      
  mass          | 1,000           | xp10            | 10,000     
  bigmass       | 10,000          | xp100           | 100,000    
  Ammo Cheat    | Ammo Granted    | Aid Cheat       | Aid Granted
  lowammo       | 100             | meds            | 100 Medical Items
  ammo          | 1,000           | chems           | 100 Chems (No Aurora)
                |                 | aurora          | 100 Aurora

Click "Show" to see Individual Ammo Files:

Click "Show" to see Individual Chem Files:

1.4.1: Added missing chems file, renamed Individual Chems File Heart+ to Heart.
1.3.0: Added new commands for Aid items, added .45 Caliber ACP to ammo files. Also, uploaded an optional file that has 29 commands, one for each chem type (grants 100 of the desired chem).
1.2.0: New commands for ammo. Also, uploaded an optional file that has 22 commands, one for each ammo type (grants 1000 of the desired ammo).
1.1.0: New commands for carry weight, xp and digipicks.
1.0.0: Initial release.

Vortex: Install as usual.
Manual: Extract the .txt files into your game folder (the one that has Starfield.exe in it).

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