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This is a configuration editor for the starfield game. Instead of opening up the ini, searching for the key and making sure you save it correctly, this will let you search all the options and save it within a self contained UI.

Permissions and credits
Starfield INI Configuration Utility: Simplifying Editing:

Welcome to the INI Configuration Utility – your tool for effortless editing of ini configuration files. Tired of digging through ini files? This utility empowers you to make direct edits without the hassle, saving you time and energy. Just enter a few letters of the desired command, and you can make changes without worrying about sections or file paths.

New Features (as of v1.0.11):

Ini Preset support:

Some settings are only valid inside of the Low.ini Medium.ini and Ultra.ini config files located in your game directory. Support has been added to read and write to those files. To pick which file to read and modify, visit settings and change the drop down for Preset File. Use uGlobalRendererQuality to pick the file to be loaded. 1 = Low.ini , 2 = Medium.ini 3 = Ultra.ini

Precise searches

Now you can search just for Section names or just for Setting names. For example typing Section:Actor will only find entries with a section name containing the term 'Actor' and Name:Actor will only find entries that have a Setting name containing the word Actor.

Import settings

You can either drag and drop, or browse for cfg files created by your favorite mods! If a Mod author supplies a configuration tool supported cfg file, you can drag and drop that file into the UI of the Configuration Tool and it will automatically apply all of the settings! Gone are the days of manually browsing through INI's and following readmes!

Export Settings

Have a bunch of ini tweaks that you want to share? Just press Export Modified and a drag and drop compatible file will be generated with all of your modifications! Share that file with your friends or as part of your mod to allow seamless integration into their very own INI files!

Suggest Descriptions

See a setting that has no description and you know what it does? You can now right click on that setting and choose "Suggest Description" which sends me whatever description you have, so I can implement it in the next release! Thanks for your help with that!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save my changes?
This utility features in-line saving. As you edit a value, it's automatically saved to the appropriate command within the file. No need for manual saves – it's taken care of.

What's the installation process?

For the best experience, I recommend downloading the file without NMM (Nexus Mod Manager). Unzip the contents to your preferred folder. Then, just double-click the executable to start editing.

If you prefer using NMM, keep in mind the executable will reside in the Starfield\data folder instead of your chosen directory. The choice is yours.

My utility crashes on launch. Help!

First, check the Windows Event Viewer under "Application" for error messages. If you spot issues related to d3d9.dll or other DirectX files, overlays like MSI Afterburner might be the cause. Add our utility as an exception or disable the overlay.

If the problem persists, reach out to me. We'll work together to find a solution.

I can't edit my in-game settings now. Why?

This application sets your configuration files to read-only. This prevents the game from reverting your changes. If you prefer editing in-game, go to settings in this tool and disable the "set to readonly" option.

Why does the utility access the internet?

I connect to GitHub to check for new commands/definitions for the game. This way, you don't need to manually update the configuration tool on Nexus Mods whenever there's a new ini setting. Any major upgrades require a visit to our Nexus Mod page.
To disable this feature, block it via your firewall or turn off updates in the settings.